Resolutions: Dumb. I know.

rezolutions.jpgResolutions are kind of silly. I’ll admit that. Why do we insist on making a vow to ourselves to change things that haven’t been going right and decide the best time is at the year’s end and not while the year was happening? I guess it’s all perspective. And for me, this year, I really needed to do it. 2007 kind of hurt. Actually it was like taking a sledgehammer to the head.

2008 is about the best clean slate I could ask for. And even though I suppose it’s pretty generic to post your resolutions on your blog, I need to…just to keep my ass in line.

1. Never watch Beaches again. Reminds me too much of a friend I miss dearly.

2. Stop yelling every time something doesn’t go my way. I have a nasty habit of that and I think that is only appropriate for toddlers and even then…

3. Here’s the most common of all: Lose a total of 30 pounds by next year. Since I’ve already lost five, I’ve got 25 more to go. I wouldn’t mind a few more inches lost, of course, along the way.

4. Keep up calorie-counting. You just never know how much you tuck in until you sit down and write it all on paper.

5. Get over the things I can’t change. That’s a big one.

6. Make myself more available when it comes to sparking new relationships. It’s time I’ve found grown up events and places (i.e. not bars) to frequent to nab me a man…

7. MAKE MORE MONEY: I need to step up to the plate and display my worth a little more. Or else find somewhere else that will appreciate it.

8. Travel. No excuses of money, time or if I can get people to join me. I just NEED TO DO IT.

9. Get my dream lens…at all costs. A new camera won’t hurt either. I’m behind the times.

10. Complain less. That’s a hard one so I have one caveat: Complain less to people in person and get it all out on my blog. This resolution needs like five gold stars next to it.

These are in no particular order but obviously when we write things down, we go in order of what popped in our heads first. So you be the judge. Plus I’m pretty sure I’ve got so many flaws, faults and habits that warrant changing. And goals I need to reach. But I can only do these ten at a time. Or at least I hope.

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  1. Make a new year’s resolution to write your life story at The Remembering Site, a non-profit organization started in 2004 to make it easy to write, share and publish cherished memories and photos.


  2. Posted by MisstressM on Tuesday, January 1, 2008 at 9:46 pm

    I am having hard time with #6. Although I am trying….but darn it, when you are independent its hard to let that go.

    Happy New year Darling. I say you should travel down to Cali.


  3. #’s 3 & 4 are biggies for me – I started counting calories & exercising again a couple of months ago and have lost some weight (well, I haven’t weighed this week and it was a BIG cookie week for me, so I’m kinda scared). You’re right, if you’re not counting them, they sneak up on you. I’m always surprised by that.

    I just want to make it through 2008. Period. With my relationships and finances intact. Oh, and skinnier too.


  4. Happy New Year J. It’s a great list. Good intentions count too, you know. But I will bet there’s more than just that here.
    All the best,


  5. Posted by mssinglemama on Thursday, January 3, 2008 at 2:09 pm

    Good luck with your resolutions. We have one in common – being more open to relationships and ultimately trusting someone else.

    As far as losing weight – I’m a pro. Had to lose 60 – yes 60 lbs – after Benjamin was born. Try lots and lots of protein, like cottage cheese and tuna fish. My favorite snack – blue chips with cottage cheese and salsa. Sounds nasty but it’s to die for. And English Muffins with spaghetti sauce and cheese. They’re a safe alternative to a frozen pizza. Also … cut any pop from your diet.

    I also couldn’t eat out for nearly one year (I was too broke after leaving my husband) that’s when the pounds really started to drop. No eating out – ever. Now that I’m back on top I still rarely eat out – not because of my weight but because I like to spend my cash on other things.

    Take care!!!


  6. Posted by nectarfizz on Tuesday, January 8, 2008 at 9:14 am

    I am stealing a few of these as ideas for improvement on myself. I think you have a good list here, don’t forget to be flexible. I think I am going to become a regular reader on here.


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