Day 90: I still have a month to go…

December 27, 2007OK. Yes I know this is not a complete full photo…again. I don’t have a full-length mirror in my home if you can believe that. And I always forget to tell people to take a full photo of me when I’m out or at work. But I will make sure to get “the” final shot done by someone. A full one. I do have one though, in pajamas. And let’s just say I would never share it here! I think that once I’m done with this on the last day of the countdown which is my birthday — January 27 — I will recruit a work friend to do it. The office already knows what I’m up to. And they know how to properly use my camera.

But one thing you should know about his photo. I’m notorious for turning my head to make my face look smaller. In this photo I am shooting dead one — no super-cool camera angles, shooting above or photo-shopping. This is me. And my new glasses. Well, and funky hair. On average I hate taking a photo dead on.

So far I’ve lost five pounds. My arms have a little more definition. My mother said my bum looked smaller. Trust me. She doesn’t give those observations lightly! And I can’t be sure but I think I’ve lost at least two inches. All I know is that all my jeans fit a tad more loose which I’m guesstimating it’s about two inches more room. I feel so dumb but I didn’t take my measurements prior to starting this. But over the holiday my mother did and notated where I’m at now so by the end of January we’ll have some kind of accurate gage.

Another thing that doesn’t quite set right with me yet is that it’s been nearly 100 days and this isn’t 10 pounds lost! But I guess that’s not bad considering I started this in the triple threat holiday season and I didn’t gain a pound during all the temptation. Got to pat my back for something I guess…

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  1. Congrats on the weight loss. I love your photo. You look like your loving life.


  2. Good for you! You are to be congratulated. There is no turning back now. Once you have that feeling of feeling fit, it really is a wonderful thing…good luck in achieving all of your goals.


  3. Happy Birthday – a bit oily I know – but what eva – hope it is a great one.

    You should go to NYC with Chris and the rbloggers – they are a great group of people and me thinks you would fit right in – see no no nanette – should be great – think Chris will be seeing more than one show – he thinks you are great and kind – and I so agree – thanks for visiting my site too.

    Take care and be safe… Palestar


  4. Yeah……. What Palestar Said!!!

    I just wanted to tell ya I love the photo…. Ive always thought you were a HOT CHICK!!!!!

    Happy New Year!!


  5. Muscle is dense mass you put on additional weight for muscle mass you build while you are losing fat so do not be disheartened the pounds seem to be going slowly, the inches are not going slowly and they count for more. Also be sure you up your protein intake during this so you have something to burn that builds muscle most women do not eat nearly enough protein.


  6. Damn, AJJ, you’re look really good! I really dig the glasses too. Very fetching 🙂


  7. Come visit – I now have a couple of those damn talky blogs I did – jeez people will bug you till you do it. well serves them right…

    Stay safe…


  8. Thanks for all the encouragement. I hope everyone gets what they ask for and work towards this new year! Arc. I’m flattered!


  9. Your mother says your bum is getting smaller, my mother says my bum is getting bigger, we are both hearing what we want! Isn’t it funny we want what the other has?

    Happy New Year’s Eve…love the new avatar too!


  10. You look like a commercial model with that pose.
    But thats a good thing.
    At least you didnt set it up real dorky like those bimbos in front of their lap tops that match their pajamas.

    Happy New Year lady.


  11. Aren’t you cute!!! And I don’t mean that in a Rosie O’Donnel, Ellen Degeneres kind of way.

    Happy New Year, Miss J!

    Find your bliss in ’08. I know I will.



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