Follow-up photos from the show…

my dad

What is this? Could that be my father actually smiling? Yes it is. That’s also a sigh of relief that the show was up and didn’t have any major problems. I don’t have many photos here but it says enough I suppose. People came and went and I look as if I’m about to spew my wine out of my mouth in that last shot! I think my friend was saying something funny.


Please feel free to get some of your holiday items from my site. All of the purchasable prints can also be postcards and we all know you can’t have enough of those? If you do purchase stuff, you will keep that smile on my father’s face…

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  1. Hey, I only saw one postcard, are there more?

    BTW, your dad is a handsome, happy lookin’ cat! See where you get your genes from!


  2. You can order postcards from all of the galleries under art and nature. And events. Any gallery that has a little cart in it you can order them. The postcard page is to let people know that postcards are available in any of those galleries…
    You just have to click like you are going to purchase a piece and go under household to find the postcard link. I know it sounds complicated…In fact I’m going to add some to that gallery to cut down on the confusion…

    Thanks for the compliment on my father. Everyone was gushing over him. I don’t know how he doesn’t have a big head…


  3. Well, let an old man have a big head for awhile 🙂

    I did. For four years. Four freaking years. Never mind about that. Anyway, can you buy the postcard and have it sent to someone else?


  4. You can order them but I don’t think they send them to people…Whoa. That’s a good question…


  5. You ought to consider that as an option one day. Lazy people like me who are [constantly] in a pinch will just whip out the credit card and presto!

    Speaking of procrastination, I never got around to ordering some in time for the holidays. I’m sorry 😦


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