Black women and white men…

I gotta tell you; I’ve not had any slowing down of my old post about interracial dating. It still gets a fair amount of hits. This isn’t a call for all of you jokesters to start finding more weird search engine terms to get to this blog and then for me to write about them.  But for some reason I get on a daily basis at least a dozen search engine terms looking for a variety of topics surrounding black women and white men dating. And lately Jewish men dating black women. WTF? Is this really THAT taboo still? I’ve dated the rainbow, as I’ve told you before, and I just never really saw dating a white man a big deal. Does the rest of society?

I will be honest though. I’m thinking the resurgence of this topic is because of the opposite happening: black men and white women. I’m not going to do some census search on this but I’m just thinking about my every day life in Texas. I see an increasing number of black men and white women coupled up. I don’t have a problem with this but I can only imagine that the two left are looking at each other, shrugging and saying, “Well, why don’t we?”

That said though, there is still so much hesitation. Believe me. White men dating black women isn’t very common here. Not sure about your area of the world. I really dig shows like “Private Practice” that treat interracial connections as something that isn’t a matter of discussion. The main discussion on that show is that the lead black female character has to choose between two men — a black one she was married to and a white one who loves her so much that is the only reason he works in the office. Race isn’t an issue. I can’t stand shows that make that the MAIN issue. The tired old story of “what will my parents think?” Aren’t we over this yet? I just don’t get it.

So for those of you searching to see if this is some “strange” concept, stop. Just go with it. Ask that black chick out. Ask that white dude out. Enjoy Hanukkah with that chocolate hottie…

WTF are you waiting for?

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  1. Posted by outsider222 on Wednesday, December 5, 2007 at 11:13 am

    Sounds sad…but especially in rural redneck places, racist white men go absolutely ballistic over black men dating white women. It’s a real issue with their macho, gonadic ego problems.

    I don’t think most white women would care much if an available white man chose a black woman instead of them. I tend to see most racist problems as the domain of dumb redneck men.

    When I was younger, I used to say, “Well, if everyone inter married, then there would be no races, and there would be no racism”.

    Pretty simplistic. But basically true. You never see people discriminating against Irish or Italian people any more.

    Interracial dating is gaining acceptance in civilized places. It will take a while for that acceptance to reach places like Bangor,maine, but it will happen.

    Someday, at Kwanzaa, people of all races will be wearing tee shirts that say:

    “Kiss me. I’m African American”


    • Posted by Latesha Washington on Saturday, May 30, 2009 at 9:10 pm

      There we go again, someone who doesn’t know the difference between race and ethnicity. Discriminating against Italians or Irish by other Europeans isn’t racism. It is only racism if you discriminate against another race. There are five main physical races in the world. They are Caucasoid, Negroid, Mongoloid and Australoid. East Indians are a mix of Caucasoid with Australoid. Filipinos are mainly Mongoloid with a little bit of Australoid etc. American Indians are mainly Mongoloid with some Caucasoid. Get the picture? Irish and Italians are Caucasoid. American Blacks are on average 80 percent Negroid and 20 percent Caucasoid.


  2. I cannot lie, I still really can’t go there. Although after hitting the Olympia this year, my mind has opened up to the possibility – of black AND short men.

    I think we are attracted to those we are meant to procreate with, and black doesn’t seem to be in the cards for me.


  3. Ok – well, I did sit next to Michael Jordan one time at this club and was thinking, Damn, he is so hot, if he asked me to go back to his room with him, I probably would. Man he is so luscious looking and smelling and well dressed and sexy and you get the pic.


    • Posted by Joel Goldstein on Saturday, May 30, 2009 at 9:16 pm

      I would agree with you. I once saw Michael Jordan in person and thought about penetrating his hot butt cheeks for a week afterwards. I love being with black guys because of their hot musky smell especially if they don’t bathe for a while. I have had many gay lovers and black guys are the best, either as tops or bottoms.

      Joe Goldstein


  4. My friend dates a white guy; they live in Georgia. They get comments from both sides of the fence. Her other friends don’t like the fact that she dates a white guy and people in his family and community don’t like him dating a black woman. When they broke up temporarily, his mom told him to date white women next time, although my friend has helped his family so much that it’ll take me an hour to type here. I guess that didn’t matter because in the end she’s still black. The guy also really cares about what other people think, so the stares bother him a lot. I don’t know why he cares so much about what those idiots think. People really need to get over it. People are going to date whomever they please, and it’s no ones business. I would enjoy dating a white guy JUST to piss people off and break stereotypes. I mean seriously, who cares? We’re all humans, just in different colors.


  5. Please , dont anyone bite my head off until I’m done saying this, because it, well actually I guess you could say what I did was racist in a sense.
    I grew up in Hawaii, I live here now. To make a long story short, one of my objectives when I was more of an asshole than I am now was to see how many women other than white I could bag in my life. I’m a white boy with a little Mahican. I always thought brown women (still do) were so much prettier than white women. So that was my preference for such a long time that when I finally grew out of it I realized…whats the big fucking deal micky ? It was all in my head.
    I will never change my taste for non white women.
    At first I thought I had always been a creep for living that way and being so discriminating.
    When I grew up and out of it I realized that discrimination is what we have to have to survive.
    And is what makes us unique.
    And it all depends how the discrimination is applied. And for what reason.


  6. Wow. All of this just makes me sad. Lecya’s story especially. Because it is ALLL SO OFTEN A COMMON REACTION. And it makes me so friggin’ sick. I understand preferances, but I disagree that discrimination is what makes us unique. That’s got to be one of the most strange things I’ve ever heard. For example, I have a preference for NY style cheesecake but I’m not going to discriminate agaiast apple pie because I like the cheesecake better. I may still eat the apple, but I just want to have the NY if it’s in front of me. And that still makes me different in some sense. Micky, I have in my life most certainly dated men like how you were. It broke my heart because I knew I was just a novelty item to them. I don’t want to get into all the hurtful things that resulted.

    And by the way, Jordan is a god. Understandable crush, Stil.


  7. I wonder if the whole “yellow fever” thing – you know, white guys who go gaga for Asian girls – is a novelty thing, too.

    Jordan really is that hot.

    Actually, I was thinking the other day how you never really see interracial couples in commercials. I was trying to make a mental list but couldn’t come up with any. Maybe you should post about that.


  8. Actually there was an Ikea commercial that had a black chick in bed with either a latino, Asian or white guy. Can’t remember which. You see quite often white guys with Asian women or latina women. Beleive me, I look! But yea. You don’t see a black and white situation nearly next to never.


  9. Yea but see, my point is that we have been conditioned to think that discrimination is a bad thing, its not.The last thing I said was how and for what reason.
    As far as the guys you dated goes. I can only hope that one day they’ll realize that its OK to like certain things. But when its people, you cant treat them like things or a conquest.
    My discriminating taste in everything is what makes me unique AJ. The way I dress, my music, my politics. All these choices make me what I am.
    You are that pretty black chick that likes cheesecake(NY), cats, recycling(still?)and hopefully by now enjoys Robin Trowers music.
    Your preference for NY cheesecake as opposed to apple pie leads my discriminating judgements to lead me to believe that you like comfort in your food. And that when you enjoy that slice of cake you are applying therapy to calm some shit that bugs you. Or you just know good food.
    Hence… By having this discrimination I have just made myself a prejudgemental asshole, which is part of my uniqueness.
    We choose everything in life on the basis of discrimination.
    To simplify this rambling ness I just made , lets put it this way.
    Contempt prior to investigation is the scourge of mankind.


  10. Posted by outsider222 on Thursday, December 6, 2007 at 11:20 am


    Asian girls tend to look like little dolls, and they also tend to be very submissive to men. This makes the men feel very macho and big and strong.

    Ouch –now I sound like a man basher.

    But it’s true.

    I’m white, and too old to procreate, so the only thing to stop my keeping company with black men is society’s often still negative reaction (especially here in Maine).

    But of course, there aren’t many black men around here anyhow.

    LOL –oh yeah, and nobody’s ever asked…


  11. There is an interracial couple in There’s Something About Mary and the husband is hilarious. I really enjoyed watching their interaction and the fact they are interracial. But alas, they are characters…

    There’s a difference between discrimination and being discriminating. I think. What’s my point? Hell if I know. I’m really hungry and I’m going to get some Chinese food at the only Chinese restaurant I won’t refuse to eat at. Why? Because I’m discriminating, that’s why lol


  12. The ACLU will soon be filing a suit against you Stilleto. You MUST eat at ALL of them.


  13. Do Chinese people ever say they’re goin out for Chinese ?


  14. I don’t know. Why don’t you ask a Chinese person? I’m Vietnamese 🙂


  15. Really? My first love was a Frech Veitnamese girl.( I thought those cat like eyes were just good make up)We are still best friends to this day, 38 years.
    Actually I never assumed anything by your avatar. The statement was made out of the blue.
    Just like ” Do Italians say they’re going out for Italian?”


  16. Too All,
    I’m English (someone has to be) married to a Black Afican woman, it had been hard to accept the fact that she loves me for who I was at first and the fact that I wanted to be with her the first moment I looked at her.

    What gets me is that other people judge upon not only interracial asspect but upon the stigma around our lives. You go with a black woman – you must be hung very well. You go with a black male – non black males must not be well hung.
    “Once you had black you never go back…” sorry but who first said that – must have been an insecure person.

    I have had the best time with all racial females, but I know it is who we are that will define who we end up being with. So lets drop all the attritude and get exploring each other. 8)


  17. I think mutts make the prettiest women.
    I met a girl in Ann Arbor Michigan, she made Hally Berry look like shit.
    She was Navajo, Cherokee, Italian , Spanish, Black and Chinese.
    We moved to Hawaii together, everyone thought she was from here.
    If you would really like to see a bunch of people who let all this “race” shit go over their heads you should come here, it would blow your mind.


  18. MUTTS? Geez Micky…a bull in a china store…


  19. Ahh yes, but she was the most beautiful mutt I had ever seen. I could stare at her for hours. It was very difficult at first not to come off as some kind of freak.
    But the blow to all male ego is that we broke up over another woman. Her woman !
    I dont do PC, yea, mutts is a little crass.
    Would you prefer “blended”, “mixed”, “Mullato”, or maybe “eclectic”,”Heinz 57″?

    I was going to go with “mixed bitchs” but that would imply multiple partners.


  20. How about – Eurasian? Amerasian?


  21. “But the blow to all male ego is that we broke up over another woman. Her woman !”

    Obviously somebody could eat pu$$y better.


  22. The problem is that I taught her woman everything she knew. It was the hermaphrodite with the 22 inch shlong that chased them away.
    We all worked at titty bars in down town San Diego in those days, The good old days.
    I saw women with …
    I cant go forward with this on AJs blog,I cant continue, I’m sorry.


  23. “Asian girls tend to look like little dolls, and they also tend to be very submissive to men. This makes the men feel very macho and big and strong.

    Ouch –now I sound like a man basher.

    But it’s true.”

    Yeah, but looks can be deceiving. Do you know what’s going on in Thailand, for example? Ever hear of a Filipino haircut?

    Asian women are notorious for not just having hot tempers but VIOLENT ones.


  24. This is the sad thing about the race’s, for one there is only one race “the human race”. Yes we are different in terms of our heritage’s, origins, color and language. But there is no such thing as different races, just different nations, so the arguement that one should stay within his or her own race is a statement of ignorance. We as people have fallen into the “word game” in the same respect we fall into the same error when we say ” I had sex” sex is what we are, male or female, “intercourse” is what we have. I submit to you that I have dated white women, black women, spanish women, asian women and nothing changes physically between them. The most important aspect of any relationship is compatability and an intellegent woman is more to be desired than one who is endowed with outstanding beauty physically be it in ones person or body. No one will tell me who I can or can’t date or marry, I am a Godly man, and God gave us “variety” chose what you want, make it a wise choice, and live by wisdom. One other thing, our choices should not be made based on the color of ones skin or for that matter the shape of ones body, that is lust, and in time, if one should marry because of it, in time one will look for another body to satisfy the lust. My best friend is my wife, I love to go with her everywhere, and the same holds true for her. She plays piano, has a degree, and yes I was attracted to her physically, but it was the hidden person of the heart that made the difference in our relationship, her love knows no bounds and her sacrifice for me leaves me amazed. I have found that and for the most part most people never find this kind of relationship. So here is my advise, date as many people as you can, from every nation, don’t have intercourse with them, search their heart, and if your wise you will find the person who is perfect for you and then you will have found true riches and peace.


  25. I believe if you’re attracted to the person…GO FOR IT!…Do not let those who have nothing to do with your happiness have that much power…



  26. […] not one who is against interracial dating. I’ve discussed it here frequently. For kicks read: Black Woman, White Men and Are You Afraid to Date a Black Chick? And in today’s times, I’m still taken back […]


  27. I think that the vast majority of white women I have dated where very sexy, intelligent, caring, well-educated, sharing, and fun-loving. I don’t see what is the fuss over black women who choose to date and marry white men. This doesn’t make me mad to see a white man with a black woman, I have no room to judge them especially when a black man like me had been with attractive well-educated white women. I’m can’t help it that I am attracted to white women anymore than a white man who is attracted to black women. However I just don’t date or go for any kind of white women, it seems like I prefer the traditional hot looking Marilyn Monroe look alikes with a figure to match. It seems like even the racist white women who believe in the lies of white male nationalists or white supremacy soon start to explore black history more soon began question their own racist attitudes will leave the white supremacy movement all together. It seems like in these white supremacy movements there is a lot more men than women who join their ranks. I even read of where many of the racist white men who did not like to see a black man with a white women soon began to go deeper into their hatred of interracial relationships period. I have white male friends who tell me that they would like an interracial relationship with a hot looking black woman but they find that they are intimidated by a black woman’s attitude. However I just don’t buy into the stereotypes of the old saying “Once you go black you never go back!” My black male friends would probably reword that saying to “Once you go white you’ll be all right” because most of them like white women. It seems to be that the way a white lady is treated by a black man and not his color that makes the difference to whether she wants to continue a long-term relationship, just a one-night hook-up., or just be friends and hang out together. I’ve noticed that in the city where I live there are quite a few black men with white women and even I see a few white men with black women. I think when we start to explore interracial dating it seems to be more fun to learn about different cultures and customs. And I think it makes the dimensions of a relationship multi-faceted. Let’s face it sex with white women is very fun and exciting and there seems to be no limit to what a white women will do. Most of all I have dated black women too and I found sex with them as they had a lot inhibitions than white women do. However I think sex in an interracial realtionship is just a small part of it because you have to deal with other issues in a relationship with a woman of a different race as well.


  28. Posted by David Edelman on Monday, March 2, 2009 at 3:06 pm

    is that the writer pic up there in the banner ? cute girl, she looks blasian or south african. i am white and have dated mostly white women ( italian, jewish) as well as a few women of other ethnicities” you will hear, they are this way or that way, and the only thing i can come up with is well, that’s not true.

    individuals will date,marry and find love out there with alot of people, society though, well, whoever that is up top pulling levers and making decisions, it seems that guy will never come around. also we are well aware of the bigots out there still trying to keep this whole hate thing going strong.

    “race” as they call it , the markers for color are only on a few strands of dna, that goes to show how
    i feel i’m fortunate to live in New York City where on a daily basis i can see and interact with people of many backgrounds, i did travel and live out of state for awhile, the west coast, the southeast, london, the climates are uncomparable when it comes to the the intteracial dating/marriage issue.


  29. The problem is already solved. Whites are less than 8% of the world’s population and declining fast due to interacial dating and white women not having white children. Within 80-110 years White/Europeans will not exist anywhere in the world.


  30. I work with many white men and talk to them. And it seems to me they dont think black women are good enough. They think black women are ghetto and are not natural enough. When I ask them about pretty black women, they say women like Stacy Dash and Hallie Barry (basically women who are naturally gorgeous). I think in order for a white man to date a black women she has to be almost flawless not synthetically flawless but flawless and very successful.


  31. Posted by Black British Chik on Tuesday, September 8, 2009 at 3:41 am

    Well i’m from the UK and interacial dating is much more prominant than in the USA. Even though Black women and white men (even though on the increase) is still far and few between. Reading all your comments there is truth to a lot of them. The one that stands out is that there is only one race. Until aliens come down (like V or alien nation) We are not dating outside it. We are how ever dating a different culture. To have preference will seem hurtfull to another culture, but the do slim women get offended because a guy like to date big women I think not. so whether you prefer your own culture to date or outside it, it can be hurtfull especially if you attract someone you wouldnt date because you dont find their race appealing, but it is your choice. I prefer chinesse take away to Indian doesnt mean I like Indian people any less or carribean food etc.

    As for the blk guy who says blk women have too many inhibtions when it comes to sex. so it is said the other way round. Blk women have experienced the same and find that white men have little or no inhiitions. That said maybe blk people just find secruity doing the fantasies with somone from another culture.
    This will always be an issue. I know that when I walk down the street with my half irish son, the looks blk men give. Its like how dare you lay with a white man. ( I wonder if they would feel that way if I was really ugly )
    Short story my friend was cussed and insulted publicly because she had a mixed race child (Blk/white) telling her it odesnt make her any more white, (my friend has never been anything but hersel) blah blah and she should be disgusted and ashamed. Low and behold in walks his white girlfriend and his mixed race kids. Go figure. Its alright for the men to do it but not for the women.
    That aside we all bleed, we all die, we all have to pay taxes we are the same.


  32. as white man i like bw seriusly as like as wm

    the black women that i like .
    . . jourdan dunn.. sade…beyonce … halle berry.
    for me special faces are more atractive than normal ones


  33. I am a mixed male, who for years unfortunately passed as white. Now I am proud of my blackness, and have felt better accepting my biracial, black identity.
    I am in a white marriage, with a woman that I truly love. When I look back to my single days, it was almost unheard of for me to date a black women, although I think that they are beautiful. I hope the trend toward increased interracial marriage dramatically increases, and we become a brown society that is proud of our blackness, and the new harmony that will ensue.




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