Who would let me in a televised Christmas parade?

So there is a very traditional Christmas parade this weekend. Me along with other coworkers are carrying the Curious George balloon. We also have to wear a “uniform” of sorts that they provided — blacks sweatpants, red sweatshirt with the company logo, black gloves, Santa hat with gold bells…

We have also been told to smile at all times because the cameras will be watching. We can’t wear anything else. Can’t have “hi mom” markings on our hands. Can’t have jewelry pretty much. And I suppose we will have to do a pageant wave when we are on the television camera “row” at some point during the route. It will be cold as a witch’s tit and there is a 30 percent chance of rain. Lovely. And we have to meet at our workplace at 6 a.m. for photos and then we are off. But guess when the parade is? 10 a.m.! So we will be playing with George up until then…

On of my co-workers was nice enough to let everyone sleep over at her apartment tonight so we can all be together and not oversleep. And we will probably drink hot chocolate like kids.

Hilarious. I’m sure several people I told about this will be laughing in the comforts of their warm couch as I parade around with a monkey.

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  1. Hey lady, you never know whos watching ! This might be your ticket to Hollywood !
    Its a lot better than a mug shot on the 6:00 news.

    (and no funny buisness with the monkey ballons, theres a static shock involved)


  2. I think the Curious George theme is cute.


  3. Micky, you’re starting shit again.


  4. Do I get a time out ? If AJ smiles then its all worth it.


  5. Ahaha! Micky DOES need a time out! But I did have some funny business. His foot kept slapping my face so he has lipstick on his paw as we speak!


  6. Wow ! Slapping face with foot huh ? (with or without a sock ?) Lipstick on the foot huh ? As we speak ? Funny business ?
    Dont tell me you brought that fucking inflatable monkey home!?
    Just how much air did you have to let out of his ass to get him in the door ? And then once inside did you blo him back up again ?
    God I wish were a fly on the wall in Texas somewhere.


  7. […] does this have to do with the countdown? Nothing. An hour walking in a parade carrying a giant Curious George yesterday and ending my day getting back stolen property counts as a workout for […]


  8. The Curious George theme is cute but I can’t help but become sad when I think of the author’s heinous murder.



  9. That link, Stil. Shocked the office today.


  10. I’m sorry, AJJ. I thought must people knew 😦

    It is said, especially the violent way in which he died. What’s wrong with people?


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