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Who would let me in a televised Christmas parade?

So there is a very traditional Christmas parade this weekend. Me along with other coworkers are carrying the Curious George balloon. We also have to wear a “uniform” of sorts that they provided — blacks sweatpants, red sweatshirt with the company logo, black gloves, Santa hat with gold bells…

We have also been told to smile at all times because the cameras will be watching. We can’t wear anything else. Can’t have “hi mom” markings on our hands. Can’t have jewelry pretty much. And I suppose we will have to do a pageant wave when we are on the television camera “row” at some point during the route. It will be cold as a witch’s tit and there is a 30 percent chance of rain. Lovely. And we have to meet at our workplace at 6 a.m. for photos and then we are off. But guess when the parade is? 10 a.m.! So we will be playing with George up until then…

On of my co-workers was nice enough to let everyone sleep over at her apartment tonight so we can all be together and not oversleep. And we will probably drink hot chocolate like kids.

Hilarious. I’m sure several people I told about this will be laughing in the comforts of their warm couch as I parade around with a monkey.