TXU: Today’s mafia

I’m sitting here wanting to burn down the very facility that warms my home. Granted — I’m an idiot. I should have watched how my usage was going to be before signing up for some bogus plan that only saves me money when I go over 1,000 kilowatts. I hung up on the bitch who told me I had to pay $200 to get out of this plan because it was a 2-year contract commitment.

I guess because I’ve always used TXU I figured it was worth it. Instead I’m sitting here with the gestapo telling me I have no choice. Oh, wait. Yea I have a choice. The choice to keep getting screwed up the rear-end. I’ve had Green Mountain Energy before and I will never do that again. They bent me over more than TXU is right now. It’s all so corrupt. These are the things of what going postal was invented.

So I’m sitting here and the woman tells me that she could help me. Guess how? By changing my price plan and then in return I have to pay the $200 to get out of my current plan. I’m such a dummy for falling for this plan in the first place. I’m in a 535 square foot apartment! When will I ever be over 1,000 kilowatts? Maybe the summer. We shall see. As it stands with the first touch of cool weather my bill is $109 this month. With all my not running the heat all day, limiting my lights and burning fires, I should have decently low usage. I know someone who has a much bigger apartment whose bill is only a little more than mine. Did I mention I’m in a matchbox by the lake?! I asked for an audit but apparently because the world rotates in cyberspace, I have to do that online. How in the hell can you audit a home online without a real, live, red-blooded worker checking your installation and other energy crap right there in real time?

It’s almost worth it because I’m already getting screwed, to just take up being a high-class prostitute for disposable income and obtain the $200 bucks to get out of the mob. Yep. That’s a good plan.

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  1. THANK YOU!!! I too have had an ongoing battle with my local electric provider. It’s such a monopoly and totally corrupt!


  2. Posted by MisstressM on Wednesday, November 28, 2007 at 2:07 pm

    Come to Cali…you wont even need that. I probably shouldnt tell you that I am wearing a short sleeve shirt.


  3. BAHHHHHHH! I’m so wearing my mohair sweater!


  4. Holy crap! Let’s put this into perspective:

    I have a roughly 1200 sq ft apartment
    My power company just deregulated
    My bill just went up 70%
    And I’m STILL only paying around $70 per month right now… (the weather has been mild but the heat has come on sveral times)

    You’re getting SCREWED.


  5. Those damn electric people. I went ahead and got automatic bill pay so I wouldn’t cringe every time the bill came floating through the mail. Definitely get some sort of audit even if it’s a hassle.

    $200? I hope you didn’t mean per hour. Come on girl, you’re worth way more than that lol


  6. I really understand how you feel. Below is a post from my old blog. I dug it out of the archives for you to see. Sorry, but I had to paste the entire post here because the link seems to be dead. My bill did go down after I had a leaking shower valve replaced (which was stuck on the hot side) but my bill is still twice as high as it has ever been. I was also told that the rates went up by 30% right about that time. Your reference to the mob is dead-on. It’s just like the garbage and recycling extortion of New York.

    Screwed Part I
    I got my Reliant Energy bill today. How accurate does this sound to you?
    billing period 4/7/06 – 5/9/06 -> $77.72
    billing period 5/9/06 – 6/8/06 -> $498.90 ($523.85 after due date)
    Yeah. That’s normal.

    I live in a 1,042 sq. ft. ground level apartment that is shaded by massive trees. I hate artificial light and use only the kitchen light (at night) because it is florescent. I was born and raised in south Texas which means that I am uncomfortable in tempuratures below 80 degrees. Therefore, I only run my AC when I sleep. This has not changed for two decades, no matter where I’ve lived. In one 30 day billing period my bill increased by $421.18. Or in kWh by 2,530. That’s a lot of kilowattage. This is bullshit; someone is robbing me. The electric bill for every 3-2-2 house I have ever lived in never even came close to this amount. Not even in August.

    I could talk every day for a month about this with the robots at Reliant Energy but I am human and have limits to my endurance. It’s pointless. I’m screwed and and there’s not a damned thing I can do about it.


  7. “billing period 5/9/06 – 6/8/06 -> $498.90 ($523.85 after due date)”

    That sucks, Greg! Perhaps someone should start a disgruntled with the electric company blog and maintain a list of offenses.

    Not that it would make a difference.


  8. You should all move here to Hawaii. 🙂


  9. Are you going to house us like little orphans or what?


  10. Micky: Is that an invitation??
    Really Greg. That sucks way more than my situation. It’s really so awful and can almost seem illegal if they weren’t so powerful.
    Stil: I think I meant $200 flat rate. I’m all about discounts.


  11. Actually I was just being an asshole and rubbing paradise in your faces.
    Paradise comes with a price. A gallon of milk when its not on sale can be as high as 8.00, on sale, 6.15.
    I’ve had almost the same problem with Hawaiian electric. MY wife , son and I live in 2000 sq. ft 2 bdrm condo, never use A/C or heating and our bill was up to 275.00 for a month.
    Its a long story, we got the bill down to 200.00 because we bought a new water heater.
    Hawn elec. was very uncooperative in detecting the source of our expense.
    They’re going to make you buy all this green shit one way or another.


  12. My suspicion is that energy suppliers are getting their tips from Europe whwere green has been the new religion for quite a while.


    “Power firms accused of overcharging poor on meters
    Owen Bowcott The Guardian Monday October 8 2007 Poorer gas and electricity customers who use prepayment meters are being charged more than wealthier direct debit consumers, a household fuel survey claims today. Accusing the larger energy companies of “ripping off” those on low incomes, the report by the National Housing Federation calls for fairer domestic tariffs.

    The two firms who charge most for meters are named as Npower and Powergen.”


  13. Yeah, I hear Hawaii is expensive.

    But still, it’s paradise.


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