Get me out of here…

Back in the saddle again. The Thanksgiving holiday is gone and I’m back at work.

I’m actually sitting here contemplating what could possibly be listed on right now. I’m not really feeling all the poignant at the moment to write anything super stellar. I’ll wait till I get home. But right now I’m sitting back in my little cubicle world, editing, stressing over whether or not one of my employees got her raise or not and if I turned in the paperwork correctly, worrying about the fact that I’ve never seen New York and wondering why it’s 50 degrees in here when it’s about the same temperature outside — I want to get the hell out of here.

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  1. Posted by MisstressM on Monday, November 26, 2007 at 3:39 pm

    You know what’s interesting? I think all offices are cold. I actually bring a granny blanket and literarily wrap myself around with it. Because if I am not blowing this out of proportion (which I am) it is below zero in my office.


  2. If your office manager is a male its probably just so he can see you all “perked up ”

    Just a little input from one of us animals.


  3. Nah. I am a manager. And all the managers are women. So no. It’s just one side of the office that gets really cold and we all have to have space heaters.


  4. Come to Houston. Dallas in general is far, far colder. Always has been. Always will be

    You been OK? Hope so. Let me know how you’re doing.



  5. I’m an island boy , raised in Hawaii. I’ve been all over this country, had some pretty long stints in L.A. and San Diego, Ann Arbor, Oregon.
    But I have to tell you one thing. I spent a year in N.Y and you absolutly MUST go !
    Of all the places I wish I could return to right now , that would be the place.
    And from what I’ve heard from you in the last few months, you may never come back.
    The first week there you’ll probably just walk around with your jaw dragging on the ground out of disbelief. Ya gotta go, period.


  6. Hey LK!
    Nice to see you here!
    Dallas is just far, far everything. Can’t wait till my sugar daddy comes and takes me away from this awful place. Oh yea. I don’t have one…
    Me? I’ve been better…but hope things are really good with you!


  7. “…and wondering why it’s 50 degrees in here when it’s about the same temperature outside”

    Maybe they couldn’t get our of their contract with the electric company lol


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