Day 53: The moment of truth

5e2ad5283e968e3d32e7ff342cac848c.jpgHappy Gobble Gobble Day everyone.

I hope you have stayed thankful today. I have. I’m thankful I worked my brains out for over a week to get to this day and not be as worried about the food. I’m sitting here at the family’s house now, just pondering all that dressing. That’s the best part. Mom’s dressing. And I’m sore as hell all over from overdoing the routine so I can avoid the guilt of stuffing my face — so to speak.

I brought a little something too. Sweet Potato Thangs. Out here the lady who makes them also made a life-sized bride cake. We did a story on her and her family, both are absolutely delightful. And so are these “thangs,” which by the way I’m about to gobble on as soon as I’m done here. Come Day 54, trust and believe I’ll be hitting the gym before other day-off festivities begin. Namely the birthday celebration I’m concocting for one of my friends which can only mean more calories — only this time calories brought on by martinis.

I hope you are all having a pleasant day of merriment and that you won’t overdo it like I plan hope not to do.

8 responses to this post.

  1. Happy turkey day!

    Don’t worry, it only happens once a year 😉 Enjoy it!


  2. I hope you get the stuffing of your life ! And enjoy it !
    Take care lady.


  3. Just checkin’ in to wish you a very safe and peaceful holiday. Stay well. Ya Ya!!!



  4. Hey J –

    I hope you have a wonderful and loving Thanksgiving and induldged in all the bounty of the day… all of it.

    I cooked today for two fags, a bi-sexual ex-convict, an albino daughter (God knows I made her that way and I love her) and her toothly-challenged husband, a gay priest and his recovering brother, my anoxic other daughter, a gimpe (his word not mine), a suspected dog raper and child molester (not my friend), and my wonderful granddaughter. HAPPY THANKSGIVING


    But you have to go to my site to see my angel…..

    I’m also thankful for you and your blog.



  5. Awww, thanks for all the well-wishing. It was a great holiday. Filled with great food that I even ate yesterday. I went straight to the gym afterwards!
    Chris: You are SOOOOOOOOO not right and might I say, WTF? Holy crap what a table of people!
    Thanks also, for you…


  6. I’ve known for many many years I am not right…..

    I kinda like my warped way of looking at life…. and people!



  7. That looks like a happy cat.


  8. LMAO@Chris.

    Man, that is so not right yet awesome.


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