Why is follow through so hard to do?

I run a very tiny business. Minuscule in fact. But it’s mine and I enjoy what I do.

My efforts have brought me some successes… And I hope to keep growing, learning and hopefully, earning. But here’s something I don’t get. I have at least five people who have been emailing me back and forth about booking a session. And so far no one has planted down a solid date or commitment. It’s not like I’m outrageously priced. I’m not. I realize I’m no David LaChapelle  (love him by the way) but I do my best. Besides, if you clicked on that link, you will know that’s a COMPLETELY different genre than most photographers out there anyway. He’s a legend.  Anyway, I do the job quite nicely for portraits, a wedding or two, and my photographic art. So what’s up with the lack of follow through?

Why, as humans, are we so bad at following through what we set out to do? As it stands I was supposed to be blogging on my fledgling other blog. I have someone I interviewed for a post there and I’ve yet to write it. Why? Because it will be actual work putting it all together so I can do some justice and I’m on vacation. So what am I doing instead? I’m writing about how people don’t follow through. The difference is, however, I WILL do it. And soon enough. But how many times have we all said we WILL do something and don’t do it. In this case no money is involved. In the case of my potential clients, I’ve got no money coming in from them yet since they haven’t officially booked. Frustrating.

I don’t like to be dangled along like a kitty cat looking to get her head petted. Shit or get off the pot has got to be the best saying known to man.

3 responses to this post.

  1. Work ethics are a joke today.
    I too have a small business. Some of my orders will tie me up for a week or two with no cash flow.
    The customer will bust my balls constantly “is it ready ? is it ready ?”
    And the when it is ready they dont follow thru and come get it.
    Like I said , its a small business and I cant afford to sit around and wait for my money.
    I got tired and broke waiting for customers to come get their shit so now I take a 50 % deposit on all orders. Its amaxing how much more attentative they are when theres afew bucks tied up in things.


  2. Oh my god, I’m so glad you posted this. I just blasted someone for now following through with website work they wanted me to do. They asked me four times in a row and then bailed out again last week. Finally, rather than hide how pissed I was, I told this person straight up that for now on – if they were really serious about me coming up with a template for their site – they had to send a deposit. I was bordering on diplomatic and terse but surprisingly, they agreed that I had every right to be annoyed by their flaky behavior.

    Perhaps you should consider implementing deposits.


  3. Please note, “now following through” should be NOT following through. Thanks for correcting it!


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