enough with the osmonds: part II (spooky)

A few days ago, I wrote a post about The Osmonds. Which is weird because I maybe have mentioned the Osmonds three times my entire lifetime until Marie got on Dancing with the Stars. Well for some reason that post did something weird. It disappeared, then reappeared only to be in pieces, then I finished the parts that went away, posted it and it appeared to be in pieces again. I took that as a hint and deleted. Or is was the spirit of their parents now passed  — may they rest in piece — trying to stop me from saying Donny Osmond is kind of a douche.

I’m not a huge fan of this family. I’ve just always thought it was odd yet strangely pleasant that such a big family existed, seemingly in harmony. I’m an only child brat. The post I tried to publish on here was going after the fact that Donny Osmond is an attention whore. Bless him. He seems like a good enough guy but for the love of Pete, why is he on every day on some show or another hanging on the coat tails of his sister’s Dancing with the Stars  stint? I guess Marie is kind of doing the same thing, but she IS legitimately on a show people watch and it’s a program that gets mad ratings. Her brother is just hanging around like a pathetic shadow. I’m sure even the queen of nice has to get a little tired of it.

Why don’t “celebrities” just admit when their jig is up? Marie has some staying power I guess. She has some major fans on that show. I mean for someone of her age and not so awesome dancing skills (certain dances work for her — but only a few) to still be on the show this late in the game, she would HAVE to have some major fans.

OK. I’m talking about that damn show again and I swore I wouldn’t unless something interesting happened. Other than the fact that the show is cursed (parents seem to die a lot and people fall a lot or pass out or get food poisoning), nothing is interesting enough to warrant a WHOLE post. And neither is the fact that Donny is an entertainment television appearance junkie. But I guess I just had to say something because it annoyed me. Nothing to see here.

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  1. Hahahaha . . .
    Be glad you weren’t around when he was a “big star”. I felt like smashing my transistor radio to smithereens every time I heard “Puppy Love”.


  2. I worry about Donny Osmond being around like I worry about David Cassidy still being around.
    AJ, are you sure you took enough vacation? I just know you have to have bigger and better things to be sweating, whats going on ?


  3. J –

    Out of the blue Donny IS everywhere…and for what? Because his sister is on Dancing With the Stars ….With the Osmonds I think if you hire one you get 150. What else are they doing?

    I always liked the wholesome goodness of the Osmonds. Of course, I preffered the Jackson 5 but my God I almost hate to admit to that anymore because each of them has morphed into something frightening like an alien on a Steven Speilburg movie.

    Some ten years ago I acutally bought a Donny Osmond CD.. less than 10 years ago. The CD is named “This is the Moment” and it is a Showtune CD. He has a pleasant voice and when people would be in the car with me and the CS was playing they would ask who it was. I always made a guessing game of it because NO ONE knew he was still around.

    A couple of weeks ago I say the entire family on Oprah and he and Marie look good for their ages. I don’t watch Dancing With the Stars but I do hope Marie wins…. Cuz she is really good looking for being nearly 50.

    Anyway….. I’m not sick of em…. but I too don’t know why Donnie is everywhere now that Marie is…


  4. What can I say Micky…the vacation has made me more soft in the head.
    Chris: I could care less about the Osmonds really. Just tired of seeing them every damn commercial break talking about yet another segment. I’m with Micky. I could be writing about more pressing things!!

    Greg please. At least you had the greats to change the station to. I hate today’s music pretty much. I’m an old classic rock junkie.


  5. I gotta admit, Marie Osmond and have gotten together a couple times.


  6. I was 12, okay.


  7. Aren’t they Mormons? Maybe it’s a Mormon thing?


  8. “I gotta admit, Marie Osmond and have gotten together a couple times.”

    Oh, Jesus. The implications are…well, my brother once confessed who used to get together with that brunette chick from Planet of the Apes. In his own way, of course.



  9. I dont want to get too deep here, but we are all adults. (?)
    Anybody that says they never gave themselves a diddling is a liar.

    Arent all apes brunettes?, unless it was an Orangutan?

    ( he he. I know. Linda Harrison )


  10. What’s sadder is when you don’t have anyone you like enough to even picture while diddling…or doodling. Whichever…


  11. True, but try sympathizing with one whose brother is prone to revealing…way too much info!


  12. Well said. Donny is on way too many shows. I can’t believe that America likes them so much. I guess what I didn’t realize is that it’s a bunch of old ladies that watch those entertainment shows.


  13. Be glad I wasn’t around to see you write this nasty article, I would have had to TEXAS CHAINSAW your ass!


  14. WTF? Weak threats from some chick named Sue. Who the hell are you anyway?


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