That’s it. Screw being green…

another wtf?I’m just sick.

Here we were buying those energy saving bulbs only to find out that in the end it can poison our environment. Did you know there are traces of mercury in these things?! The normal person would just chunk them, as I planned to do. But apparently we need to read the box. Imagine that. But who the hell reads the box of a damn bulb? It specifically says not toss the little buggers into the trash. We must get in our cars, waste $3 plus gas we can’t afford, drive to the nearest chemical collection joint and dispose of them there. All the while hoping, wishing and praying that they won’t break.

Because guess what you have to do if you break one? You evacuate the house for about 15 minutes and open the windows. And you should pick up the pieces with tape. TAPE! Don’t vacuum them up. Oh, no, no, no. Now I just saw this on tonight’s news, so bare with me if you knew this already and also bear with me as there isn’t video up yet of the newscast. However I found this short question and answer.

This isn’t really new. Fluorescent bulbs, as my old crony father just informed me when I phoned him for his opinion, have always had some kind of crazy chemicals in them. But I disagree with him on this case (as far a not really concerning myself with it) because it seems like these bulbs have been pushed on us like street drugs. So there for they are more common. And the impression given is that we HAVE to use these. One plus is that these bulbs last for ever and ever. So more than likely by the time we have to worry about it, they would have either come up with some other way to save energy or banned the things.

I, against some of the writers of several blogs I read better judgement, recycle. I kind of put my hands on my ears and sing, “La, la la la” Pee Wee Herman style every time I have to hear that recycling is a waste of time, energy and dollars. But still I just can’t bring myself to toss away plastic. Call it a sickness. Whatever. However this is different. I don’t think I will be buying any more of these bulbs after the ones I have blow out, which will probably take eons anyway. And according to the report, there are enough of the bulbs getting tossed out daily to one day potentially be a problem.

This is of course if you want to believe your local news source that such a thing could happen. Since I kind of work for them, I’m kinda inclined to believe this one. It definitely wasn’t a wide-eyed promotion of the product. Pretty soon, and no matter how much I may be overreacting now, I still bet we will be hearing all the these cases where this mercury issue has snowballed enough for lawsuits, shot in the dark attorney TV ads, Lifetime specials and birth defects. 

This is one green I’m putting a big red friggin’ X on…

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  1. Posted by greendweller on Wednesday, November 14, 2007 at 11:00 pm

    Many places are beginning annual recycling collections for CFL’s much in the way they collect old paint, car batteries, and other things we can’t just throw away. I would be curious to see how the mercury in a CFL compares to the mercury in all those old thermometers still hanging around, I bet the thermometers are/were a larger problem.


  2. We dont go through thermomiters as fast as we do light bulbs now do we ?
    Do we ?
    Yes we do amd have had reclamation centers for the CFOs. The problem is that people still chuck em.
    Conventional bulds also have a mercury content slightly less than the CFOs. But of course they’re cheaper. As a result of economics there are more of them being chucked than the CFOs.
    We dont have to screw being green. We should just make sure we dont get screwed in the process.

    Isnt it funny though how the CFOs look just like an illuminated turd dangling from a moonbats ass ?

    Take a look.


  3. It seems like whatever you do these days your doomed…….

    I’ve even added checking to make sure that simple things like Aspirin and Cough Syrup aren’t made in China. I don’t want the cure to kill me!


  4. On the other hand, I don’t necessarily do things to be green. I do things because I’m a cheap bastard. Those CFL light bulbs last a long time and they save me some $$ on my electric bill. I couldn’t care less if they’re supposedly “green” or not. Hell, you know my feelings on “going green” but I do like saving money. As for the mercury? People have dealt with mercury for years and years. How many kids grew up thinking it was cool or fun to play with mercury after breaking a thermometer? It’s not as bad as it’s made out to be. People are just huge wusses these days and the fear mongering has extended to encompass everything that might have harmed somebody once.

    Don’t get me wrong, mercury isn’t good for you, but a little bit of exposure isn’t going to be the end of you.

    … Evacuating your house if you break one. Bullshit. It just makes me laugh.


  5. If AJJ or anyone would care to see my latest rant on the gerbil warming fiasco feel free to drop by and take a peek at ” The man with his finger in the hole”


  6. EEEEWWW Micky. That title alone has me morbidly curious. Will head over shortly…

    Arc: What they are saying is the one day possible threat to our water system. That is kind of a big deal.

    Green and mar: Thanks for stopping by. And you are right about China. I’ve been noticing HOW MUCH of everyday crap we by is from there. I’m now a central market shopping freak…


  7. The “Made in America” stickers are made in China.

    Its a worthy bet.


  8. And tainted with something


  9. They have photo scanners and listening devices in them.

    Is that Greg the priest with a picture of his home planet as an avatar ?


  10. I with you J

    And why is this information just coming out now?

    Can’t we find GREEN items that are convenient as well?



  11. Compact fluorescent light bulbs contaminate the environment with 30,000 pounds of mercury each year
    Wednesday, June 20, 2007 by: Mike Adams

    Actually its been news for quite a while, even years before the article above was put out.
    Which just goes to prove that we are constantly being hustled on the green issue.
    Everyone gets all goo goo gaa gaa when they see something advertised as good for the enviroment.
    Were in such a fucking big hurry to feel good about ourselves we cant see the light.


  12. All of my bulbs were replaced with these little pigtails about a year ago. Great energy saver. Also, these little guys don’t put off the heat signature that normal lightbulbs do which cuts down on your cooling bill in the summer. deal with it in the winter, but i’ve grown quite fond of the delay time (minor inconvenience) and haven’t had one burn out yet. Mercury? Seriously, a year from now, something else will be out to get us.


  13. Squirrel farts. Little methane producing bastards.


  14. Don’t worry, micky, I’m serious about ending the squirrel problem.


  15. I feel so helpless, we have no squirrels to kill in Hawaii. I’ll just have to put a mongoose in drag and shoot his ass.


  16. That will work too. Hawaii must be nice what with no squirrels and all. The beaches are probably decent as well.


  17. We have Myna birds, they’re like Dems. They take handouts and then crap on you.
    I’m tired of beaches.(all you mainlanders are probably saying WTF?)But yea, we have some sweet beachs. The brochures dont lie. There are actually alot of stretches of beach that you can have all to your self
    I want some snow, I miss it.
    Were surrounded by fucking water for 3000 miles in each direction and the only theme/amusment park we have is a water park.
    AJJs probably tripping, we kinda hi-jacked her blog. Sorry lady.


  18. I was like holy crap. What’s going on in this post! I’m behind. Need to catch up on everyone. I’ve had a full day. And I’m supposed to be on vacation…


  19. Go take you’re vacation, we’ll handle it from here. 🙂


  20. Gerbil warming? Is Richard Gere involved?

    BTW, I wonder if this old mercury filling in my tooth is killing me over time…


  21. […] quotThat??s it. Screw being?green??quot […]


  22. Hey Stiletto ! It actually exists ! Check it out !

    Environmentalist alarms were supported by a scientific paper released by renowned Professor Isador Gogol of the Icelandic Oceanographic and Net Fishing Institute. The newly published scientific document concludes that the mean body temperature of the earth’s gerbils are rising at an alarming rate, all because of the planet’s greenhouse effect.

    Funded by environmentally concerned actor Richard Gere and vice-President Al Gore, the study has already reached CSKC status – Concerned Scientist Koolaid Consensus. It wasn’t long before the Gere Gore Gogol greenhouse global gerbil warming consensus facts were in. Gerbil owners testified that their little pets were sweating profusely. Others jumped into open refrigerators or spent hours in front of house fans. Many were demanding air conditioned cages, while many others simply started the trek northward to colder climes. It’s as if gerbils were on a griddle. ( The link continues the rest, theres more !)


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