Anyone else scared come 2008?

Warning: This will not be a post full of factual evidence, links to stuff that supports my argument or a cohesive flow. It will be a mindless rant about the presidential election…

Holy crap I’m scared…

I am a gal who likes to vote, however I am admitting that this was one year I didn’t do the local voting here at home. Mainly because I’m still registered in another town and couldn’t vote on the issues affecting the area I live in now. That will be fixed next year though. Not going to fall out again. Regardless, come presidential election day I will be able to vote wherever — as long as I’m still registered somewhere. And come that fine day I’m not even sure who I will jot down my vote for — combined with the fact that I’m frightened about my choices.

Clinton: I loved Bill. NO shame here. I was happy in his time of office. He got me all giddy with the sax. I envied the cigar incident. I digress. Bottom line, no matter the affiliation, can anyone claim that they were miserable during his term? Please say so if you were because a happy president made for a happy time for me. Not sure about you.  What I’m leading to is I don’t see Hillary in this capacity. Sure I’m a woman, but I’m not jumping on that wagon just yet. I seem to recall all too many times where Hillary is going back and forth on issues. And is she happy?

Obama: Yes I’m black. But I got my black president while I was in high school and early college. His name was Bill. Look, I would love to know that someone with my own skin can obtain such a position, but I’m still not sure Obama can handle taking over the reigns. We are at war and I don’t know if a gentile man like Obama can handle it.

Edwards: As you may have seen, he gets me hot under the collar. And he truly is like that guy who does and says everything you want. He knows how to make you feel. Gets you all excited about the issues. Gets all fired up when he sees “injustice.” Yea. That’s all nice to date (or take to bed) but is it right for the presidency?

Enough of the dems…

Mitt: Is it wrong that I don’t know shit about this guy? Yea. Point me to the news I need to read when I’m not sipping red wine.

Rudy: One word — confused.  How can you welcome the endorsement of a religious icon who is everything that is opposite of what you believe in? WTF??? Pat Robertson??? I don’t get it. That guy doesn’t support abortion. You do. That guy is against gays. You dig civil unions? Again, WTF? And is anybody else tired of hearing about how he’s the “hero” of 9-11? I think it’s sick to hang on the coat tails of such a hideous and unforgetable day…

The rest? Do they really matter?

No, really. Where should my pencil go? And no, I’m not putting it there.

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  1. Yep J. Yep, yep, yep.





    Fred Thompson – Ummm I have a trophy wife and I’M NOT COHERENT ENOUGH TO BE A FLIP-FLOPPER!!

    John McCain – George Bush reduced me being a SNIVELING FLIP-FLOPPER!!

    John Edwards – I was the running mate of a so-called FLIP-FLOPPER but I have nice hair!!

    Barrack Obama – Im too new and idealic to be a FLIP-FLOPPER!!

    Hilary Clinton – My husband FLIP-FLOPPED Monica and I’m currently PANDERING!

    But I know you know my choice….. I wanna feel good again and I believe Hilary is the best of the block. Let her get in office and I think we all will feel good again.


  3. Yippee! Finally, another person who readily admits to being a Bill Clinton groupie. I LOVED Bill. When I went to Little Rock last year, I was stunned by the number of locals who asked if I was there to visit the library. They all love him too. Usually I’m running into people who just despise him and frankly I don’t get it. He was a fantastic president. OK, he shouldn’t have messed around with that Monica skank – now if it’d been me, I would NEVER have told… Bill, are you listening?

    Being a die-hard liberal, I have to vote Dem. At least it’s not as bad as the choices we had last election. I’m voting Obama in the primary with the assumption that I’ll have to vote Hillary in the general election. Although he’s pretty wet behind the ears, GWB proved that practically anybody could hold that office. As Kinky F. said about the TX Gov’s race – “How hard could it be?”


  4. I think all you Clinton lovers should keep a couple of things in mind.
    First of all, as a person I liked him better than as a president.
    I could give a shit who sucked his dick. But he should not of lied. PERIOD !
    Did he give us a great surplus ? Yes !
    Did he have to pay for a war ? No !
    Was he responsable for 911 ? Yes ! And so was Bush 1 and Carter. But it was predominantly Clintons watch that let the jihadist get out of hand to the point it did.
    And now Bush 2 has to wrestle with this clusterfuck that was a festering of previous administrations lack of ability and/or concern to deal with radical islam.

    If we are not safe from the biggest threat our country has seen, all other concerns are mute.

    Kinky Friedman ? Paaaaaaaaleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez ! A candidate with a first name that implies unconventional sex !!!! No wonder you love Bill so much ! I’ll bet both my nuts he’ll never win ! Which will only point out that its much harder to manage Texas ( a small country in itself) than he thinks.


  5. Hey Micky! Lay off a bit…I know what you mean about lying, but what president hasn’t, didn’t or won’t mister!?


  6. Lay off a bit ?
    Gosh, I thought it was O.K to come here and say something.

    My address was aimed at observantbystander.

    Its the method, not the act itself. He looked at the country and lied and winked.
    And AJ, I’m real passionate on the issue, sorry.
    Its one thing to lie. Its another thing to lie, get caught lying and then lie about the lie.

    Sure I care about things like health insurance for kids, as long as thats who its for.
    I care about the environment if I dont get bent over doing it.
    I care about SS, education, immigration and the whole gammit.
    But the most important thing is that we keep our heads and country in one piece first.
    National security trumps everything.
    So far the left has left huge voids in any area addressing this. They dont want to touch it, and they cant. Because everything that can be done is already being done.

    Obama blew it when he said he would bomb our allies ( Pakistan) and have tea with our enemies (Iran)

    Hillary blows it constantly, we cant get her to committ to one answer or another. She knows whats going on as much as Bush does. But she will tell her groupies what they want to hear, period. This is the lie you say all our politicians put forth, yes, it does exist uniformly across the board.
    Edwards. Forget it.
    Anyway, I’ll narrow this down before I piss anyone else off.
    In my 50 years, I’ve seen way better Democratic candidates. And I was liberal up till about 15 years ago.
    I’ve also seen way better Republican candidates also.
    But we need to watch our asses first and I dont see the Dems cutting that cake any time soon.
    Because they havent in the past.


  7. Heehee, I love it when i can piss off the Republicans! Yes sweetheart, I loved Kinky’s tongue in cheek-ness. He’s been around the TX scene for a good long time. He lost the governor’s race in 2006, so you don’t have to worry your pretty little head anymore. Of course, nobody seriously thought he’d win it anyway, OK? The Texas Jewboy has never taken himself seriously a day in his life.

    It’s only politics, Mickey – smile!


  8. Eh. No Micky. I like when you say your piece. Don’t ever stop doing that. I just had to rib you at least a little bit because I’m a Bill supporter. Not really a Hillary supporter though.
    But observant, I got to go somewhat with Micky about Kinky. I was not a fan at all of him. And I’m sure he was a bit of a racist as well. Remember those things he said? I was kind of following his groove until then…


  9. Hey observer, it works both ways as far as only being a governer goes.
    Texas is about twice the size and population as Arakansas.

    And dont flatter yourself. You did not piss me off. If that happened AJ would of probably had to do some housekeeping.
    As a matter of fact it gives me rush to come after leftys. Who needs viagra when theres enough of you guys around for me to bang my forehead ?

    Observer wrote;
    “Usually I’m running into people who just despise him and frankly I don’t get it. He was a fantastic president”

    Yes , indeed. You dont get it.

    Bill is a very smart man, but hardly fantastic.
    More of a pussy whipped liar on the personal front.
    And a complete failure on foreign policy and defense.
    Yes, Its very nice that he wears one of two kinds of underwear and plays the sax while wearing them. But he let the enemy get a foothold and a base of function sustainable enough to kill 3000 Americans.
    He had ample opportunity and reason to prevent 911. Would you care to see the stats Observer ?
    I have them all at my finger tips ready for pretty ‘LITTLE” heads like yours
    But instead, he let all that opportunity slide down Monicas leg.

    Observer said;
    ” It’s only politics, Mickey – smile!”

    All the more reason not to smile, grow up.


  10. I have got to send you this cool “candidate calculator” thing I found online. You just punch in your views on certain topics, and the candidate who mostly fits with your views is your guy or girl. Harass me if I forget to send it. I think you’d like it.


  11. Yes, Mr. Freidman is an idiot. No, Mr. Clinton and fantastic shouldn’t appear in the same sentence. And why does everyone forget about the money he spent on Kosovo? Because it is convenient I suppose.


  12. abarclay: where is the link?? i’m harassing you!

    key, i know not every president does the right thing. they make mistakes. they do stupid shit. they do what’s not best for us. but i guess i’m just weighting it all against who we have now. was bill really all that bad?


  13. J: I see your point. And we will weigh Bush against who we have next. To be fair to ourselves, we need to measure these men with the same yardstick. When was the last time you voted for the lesser of two evils? When was the last time you voted for a candidate without hesitation, totally trusting in the candidates’ integrity? I have yet to have that privilege. Don’t tell me that integrity doesn’t matter. It does. Isn’t everyone tired of unworthy candidates? It is what it is because we allow it to be so. Not because we can’t hold out for something better. We deserve a man of integrity and sound judgement to lead our country. Our system repeatedly mocks us and our Country and all we can do is play into it. The rest of the world sees this. Why can’t we? What have we become? Anyone?


  14. Fox just aired a segment that told of the majority of college students who are willing to trade their vote for an I-Pod. Others were completly willing to trade their right to vote for a paid tuition.
    Thats what we have become !

    I should say “they
    I am a convicted felon who lost his right to vote. Having kids changes everything !
    The only way I can make a difference is by roaming the blogs and doing my best to get my point across in the hopes of changing just one mind. That would be the equivalent of one vote being placed by me.
    As I told AJJ and now maybe she understands my zeal a little better, I am very passionate on the issue.


  15. This is me slinking off to lick my wounds now…


  16. yeah, mick, it’s sad. I went to war to pay off my student loans, so I can understand kids willing to trade their voting rights. I’m not sure that I blame them. I appreciate your stance on voting, and I enjoy voting, but I’m losing my love for that privilege. I’m sick of settling for another president. With all the damn choices we have in our society, why are there so few options when it comes to electing a leader?


  17. We’ve become a poor nation. That’s what we’ve become. And a nation increasingly fueled by greed. We all did it to ourselves.


  18. And Mick, I understand and I know it’s a wonderful privilege to be able to make choices and vote. But I’m with Key. I’m slowly losing my passion for it. Every time I vote, I get knocked out. I think the last time my vote actually ended up mattering was when I voted for the Cowboys to play in Arlington.


  19. Dont get too discouraged, any of you, please.
    Because if we fail to try and make a difference and become absolutly disenfranchised the only recourse will be for government to decide for us.
    If and when that happens we will be screwed, dry insertion, no foreplay.


  20. Heres a cute look at what we will become if this melancholy attitude prevails.


  21. If anything, Micky2, I am angry about it. Hence, you have a raccoon running for president. The only people I allow to discourage me are my parents. They know me well enough to know how to effectively do so. Seriously, I’m penciling my self in and voting for myself.


  22. Hah ! My mother is a moonbat ! She has an altar with piece of Michael Moores hair in a crystal case underneath his portrait. Its not discouraging, its sad.
    It was about 3 years ago when we got into it over politics and she blurted out ” whats the matter with you ? Havnt you seen fahrenheit 911 ?”
    Right then my heart sank, almost fell out of my asshole.

    The spectrum is coverd ! We have college kids trading voting rights for tuition and seniors trying to indoctrinate their 50 year old children.
    All of a sudden I feel like I walked through a Tijuana restroom.


  23. You guys are bananas *kitty noises*


  24. I love Bill Clinton. He’s so hot. My boyfriend and I sat not too far from him at our favorite Italian restaurant on Valentine’s Day 2005. It totally rocked.

    “could give a shit who sucked his dick. But he should not of lied. PERIOD !”

    Um – don’t ALL politicians lie? Listen, don’t you know fat girls are like foreign bikes? You’d ride ’em but do you want to be seen with ’em in public?

    I could think of worse things to lie about than getting or not getting a BJ…let’s see, like the war in – oh, never mind.


  25. Stilleto wrote;
    “Um – don’t ALL politicians lie? Listen, don’t you know fat girls are like foreign bikes? You’d ride ‘em but do you want to be seen with ‘em in public?”

    Those would be mo peds. I’m a Harley man, but there are some mean ass foreign bikes out there.
    I work on bikes for a living.

    As far as Clinton goes , what I further said was; ” Its the method, not the act itself. He looked at the country and lied and winked.
    Its one thing to lie. Its another thing to lie, get caught lying and then lie about the lie.”


  26. The real lie is that Bush lied about the war.
    Lets all drop it already because the evidence is abundantly clear and factual that just about everyone on the hill voted on the same info that Bush got. Bush did not influence or supply the intelligence. It came from all factions of our government, left and right for almost a decade. Actually most of the intelligence was obtained during the Clinton administration and used in concert with The Bush ( 1st and 2nd ) administrations findings. It was all compiled from 3 presidencies, not just Bush.
    With or without the WMDs we had at least 12 other legal and justifiable reasons to go in.
    AJJ has seen this list over at Archlight zeros blog , would anyone care for me to dig it up ?
    I have one of my own.


  27. Sure. You know I like a good fight, Micky.
    However, when did we start talking fat girls and bikes? And why? I’m dizzy from the treadmill…


  28. I don’t know, ask Stiletto. I was always under the impression that a mo ped was the worse thing you could be seen on, although they’re fun. And I am very partial to American bikes.


    Tuesday, 18 April, 2000, 13:19 GMT 14:19 UK
    Iraqi rights abuses condemned

    The Iraqi people suffer “all-pervasive oppression”

    The United Nations has strongly condemned Iraq for its “systematic, widespread and extremely grave violations” of human rights.
    The UN Commission on Human Rights adopted a European Union-sponsored resolution criticising Baghdad’s “all-pervasive repression and oppression sustained by broad-based discrimination and widespread terror”.

    Thirty-two of the 53 Commission members voted in favour of the motion, with the remainder – including China and Russia – abstaining.

    The resolution also condemned Iraq’s widespread and arbitrary use of the death penalty and its suppression of freedom of expression.

    On Feb. 5, U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell came before the United Nations Security Council and laid out the Bush administration’s case against Iraq. As a hushed chamber listened intently, Secretary Powell detailed a web of evidence against Saddam Hussein’s regime.

    Powell’s argument could be divided into two main tracks. The first centered on the premise that Iraq had to face the penalties for having flouted numerous Security Council resolutions. “Last Nov. 8, this council passed Resolution 1441 by a unanimous vote,” the secretary said. “The purpose of that resolution was to disarm Iraq of its weapons of mass destruction. Iraq had already been found guilty of material breach of its obligations, stretching back over 16 previous resolutions and 12 years.”

    “Iraq has now placed itself in danger of the serious consequences called for in U.N. Resolution 1441. And this body places itself in danger of irrelevance if it allows Iraq to continue to defy its will without responding effectively and immediately.”

    While the Security Council has passed a series of resolutions concerning Iraq over the past 12 years, only one explicitly authorized the use of force. Resolution 678, passed on Nov. 29, 1990, authorized member states to “use all necessary means to uphold and implement Resolution 660 (1990) and all subsequent relevant resolutions and to restore international peace and security in the area.”

    April 16 2003.
    Saddam was found to be violating oil for food programs by trading the food received for cash.
    This was avilation of peace treaties enacted after the first gulf war, it is also an act of war and justification for disbanding the Iraqi leadership.
    More Iraqi violations…
    found here.

    Before the war, Syria was said to be receiving as much as 200,000 b/d of oil through the pipeline, paying as much as $1 billion/year to Iraq, making it the single largest source of revenue for Baghdad outside the UN’s oil-for-aid program.

    But the US action put an end to that arrangement, ending Washington’s formerly benign policy towards Syria’s illicit imports of Iraqi oil.

    Posted on 11/18/2007 9:15:32 AM PST by Son House

    Iraqi Firings: Since 2000, Iraqi forces have fired on U.S. and British pilots 1,600 times. In 2002, Iraqi forces fired on U.S. and British pilots 406 times. Since September 18, just hours after Saddam promised to “allow the return of the United Nations inspectors without conditions” and expressed his desire “to remove any doubts that Iraq still possesses weapons of mass destruction,” Iraqi forces have fired on U.S. and British pilots 67 times.

    (Excerpt) Read more at …


    TOPICS: Foreign Affairs; Government; News/Current Events; War on Terror
    KEYWORDS: history; iraq; iraqi; nofly; noflyzone; saddam; un; violations; zones


    1. Elected Democrats like Reid and Pelosi have no loyalty to the Current Military Personal who are in harms way, or they would make sure they have funding no matter what.
    2. President Clinton had little loyalty to the Military, or Iraqi forces firing on U.S. Pilots would not have continued into the 2000.

    3. Iran attacking our Military Personal is not acceptable.

    Revisiting these historical facts should drive home the point that Saddam was in violation of the terms under which we spared him after liberating Kuwait — with or without WMDS and with our without ties to Al Qaeda.
    Clinton would have been well justified to invade Iraq at just about any time during his second term — problem is Clinton lacked the courage to do what really needed to be done (and instead attacked Yugoslavia.)

    No-Fly Zones
    Iraqi Violations

    Operation Northern Watch enforces the no-fly zone north of the 36th parallel in Iraq and monitors Iraqi compliance with UN Security Council resolutions 678, 687, and 688. The United States and the United Kingdom provide about 45 aircraft and more than 1,400 personnel to support the operation.

    Operation Southern Watch enforces the no-fly zone south of the 33rd parallel in Iraq and monitors compliance with United Nations Security Council Resolutions 687, 688, and 949. The United States and the United Kingdom provide about 150 aircraft and 6,000 forces to support the operation.

    Iraqi Firings: Since 2000, Iraqi forces have fired on U.S. and British pilots 1,600 times. In 2002, Iraqi forces fired on U.S. and British pilots 406 times. Since September 18, just hours after Saddam promised to “allow the return of the United Nations inspectors without conditions” and expressed his desire “to remove any doubts that Iraq still possesses weapons of mass destruction,” Iraqi forces have fired on U.S. and British pilots 67 times.

    All of the above were acts of war and aggression against the U.S.
    Not even mentioning the thousands og human rights violations taking place on a daily basis.

    All were violations of peace treaties enacted after the first gulf war/Kuwait invasion.
    Saddam was also paying Palestinian suice bombers families 2500 ea. to go into Afghanistan and blow up Americans, this is most definatly an act of war.


  30. […] not really surprised that McCain has found his way to being the republican candidate. What is a fence-sitter to […]


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