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Spell check your support…

bling.jpgWhile driving to an event tonight, I was stuck behind a biker. No biggie. I enjoy bikers. I even own a lucky Harley Davidson ring…

However this biker was a tad different. Among all the leather strapped at his calves, the leather vest, the hankerchief tight around his head — I noticed something kind of odd. He had one of those ticker messages on his bike. You know the ones club kids used to wear that were made into belt buckles? And you could change the message to stupid crap like Vote for Pedro or Blow Me or whatever. Well this was actually one of those ticker things but made to be an accessory for the rear of a motorcycle.

I sat at the light. Reading it. And it started out by stating, “Support our troops.” I can go along with that, no matter my views on the war. I thought that was it and so I turned my head a minute, fiddled with the stereo and then I looked up to see the tail end of the word “return.” Being that this was a super traffic-filled evening, I had time to read it all. I blinked in disbelief and I tilted my head when I realized what it said.

“Support our troops & pray for thier safe return…”

Nope. I didn’t spell that wrong by accident. The message really read with the word “thier” in it. I’m all for free speech, but make sure you spell check it first.