Can my cat have the answer to rising gas prices?

While you/we were nursing our Halloween hangovers, the gas companies were giving it to us Pulp Fiction style while we were recuperating. I knew I woke up a little sore back there from something…

Gasoline is officially above $3 – again – on Long Island. And heating oil has hit yet another record: $3.113 a gallon. Experts say it will get worse before it gets better.


And it’s not just Long Island, of course. The highest I saw here in Dallas was over $2.81 

I recently purchased a Toyota Yaris.

Mine is black, though… 


You would think that this whole rising gas crap (AGAIN) wouldn’t affect me much. Wrong-o. With my job I am constantly on the highway — speeding along from different towns and frequent trips through tollways and maneuvering downtown. Plus bi-weekly trips to see my parents. Though I can go about a week without officially filling up, on a considerably busy week I may need to hit the pump twice. Waiting for mileage reimbursement from my company can be a real buzz kill…

So yes. Egg-owners like me are also suffering right along horrid Hummer owners in this time of gas anal spelunking. Sorry if you own a Hummer. No. I don’t hug trees.

What is happening? Really? I want the real story…

I know some of you folks have the answer, right? Anyway, pretty soon I’m going to figure out how to fuel my car with cat pee.

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  1. Gas prices has gotten so ridicules, I swear. I put in 10 bucks worth in my tank just to be able to get to school and back for a little while, but as you should know, $10 gives you nothing any more. I was so horribly disappointed when the meter barely reached the 1/4th mark. Remember when $10 used to be able fill at least half a tank on a compact car? Ha. Not these days… Jobless + broke student w/ empty gas tank = tragedy.



  2. Egg owners. That’s funny. You’re going to be easy to spot if we happen to be on the same freeway when I’m in Dallas. That car looks like it would run on almost anything. If amonia can be used as a fuel your cat would be like the goose that lays golden eggs.


  3. It’s kinda cute… but I think I would develop a complex driving one of those on the same road as giant SUVs and semi trucks. I’ll stick with my HHR for now 🙂

    As for the prices? I don’t know. I’ve been trying to figure it out too since it makes no sense. part of it is the speculators. Oil is sold via the market (much like stocks) which I think is a very bad idea. Most traders are paranoid and tend to drive the prices of things up whenever they get spooked by something. Often times there isn’t any real reason for the price increase other than the dumbass traders…


  4. I don’t have any answers either other than a car that operates on a huge reversable rubber band. The drawback would be having to pull over every few hundred feet to rewind it.


  5. Mine is black though so maybe it seems more aggressive in black! As for you Arc…for shame!! Don’t even tease about the HHR. I get all nauseated when I see those.

    You have a good point though about big oil. And I see it confuses you a bit as well which is comforting. Not that you are confused or that there is something to be confused about, but that even a guy like you is scratching his head!

    Greg: Yep. I say it qualifies as an egg-mobile. But it’s actually a great ride. Working on the cat pee, though.


  6. Ah Lecya. That sounds really sad!!!
    Should I sell some cans for you?


  7. Haha, thanks but I think I’m content begging mom and dad for money. lol


  8. When I lived in Europe gas prices were about $4 a gallon. And this is back in the nineties.

    I guess we’re just catching up.


  9. part of the reason Europe has always had high gas prices is that they have very little refining capacity. They hamstring their own selves, which is something that America is starting to do thanks to the greenies and the anti-oil crowd.


  10. Please explain, Archlight.


  11. It’s the same old law of supply and demand. If demand goes up and supply can’t rise to meet that demand, price goes up. Europe does not have as much refining capacity as North America, hence their supply is always lower – driving the cost per gallon (liter) of gasoline up. Combine that with Europe’s insane energy tax and it all adds up to ridiculous gas prices. The only reason that we’re starting to see spikes in gas prices is due to “supply shock” here in North America which is caused by the sudden surge in demand in places like China and India. If we could get past the greenies and build new refineries and drill in our own continent we wouldn’t be seeing this sort of price flucutation.


  12. “The only reason that we’re starting to see spikes in gas prices is due to “supply shock” here in North America which is caused by the sudden surge in demand in places like China and India.”

    Yes, I have heard that before. But – do you mean drill in Alaska?

    Hell, fuck China. Why don’t we just nuke them since their commies anyway? Will that help soothe things a bit?



  13. There are a few different options… Drilling in ANWR, drilling in the gulf, exploiting oil shale deposits in the West… All things that would create that fabled “energy independence” and lower the price significantly. Also, our refining capacity is woeful at best. The problem is that the greenies are standing in the way of building new refineries and increasing our output capacity. If the greenies were squashed and we could use our own natural resources and increase our refining capability, our gas prices would drop big time. Do you know they only pay a few cents per gallon in the middle east? It’s because they use their own resources. Remember, you have to factor transportation into the price of oil/gas… And shipping from the mid east isn’t cheap.


  14. Well that is a highly suspect opinion. There is very little oil in Alaska. The cost of drilling in Alaska is huge, the payoff in oil quantity very small, and the only way drilling and industrializing Alaska [I say industrializing because you do not merely have to drill, you also have to build roads in and pipelines out and house crews that work there which means create small towns and communities which means build those as well] actually works is if it is government subsidized. Add to this the environmental impact and burden and it would be pretty senseless drilling Alaska. Though certainly one reason logically to drive gas prices up is a desire to force public opinion towards drilling in non-sensical areas like Alaska.

    We also do drill in the U.S. In Texas. In Louisiana. In Oklahoma. In California. In New Mexico. Extensively off shore in the Gulf. Drilling at home is not a new or novel concept, it is one actively pursued and practiced by oil companies and always has been — where it is feasible to drill for an expected profit. It might be real interesting to take a look at mineral rights in Alaska to find out who might actually want to drill in a place that is not financially feasible to drill in without government subsidy though.

    I also find the economic argument that more oil being used word wide is driving the price of oil up pretty suspect. A wider market in an economic model does not historically drive prices up. That historically lowers prices. A sustained state of war, which demands mass quantities of the national supply of fuel be siphoned off to the military, on the other hand, has historically forced gas rationing and/or elevated gas prices in the U.S. So I wonder which is more likely. An indefensible argument those whacky Chinese are just suddenly buying up all our oil? Or a government faction pushing to drill in Alaska combined with an ongoing military need for increased amounts of oil reserves in the U.S.? Hmm.


  15. I gotta ask….can’t we just use cow shit like I thought we could? There’s plenty here in Texas…


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