A naughty skeleton…


It looks like by the end of the day I will have popped my 10,000 hit cherry. To celebrate both the Halloween spirit and my five-digit deflowering, here’s a skeleton with something to show you. Enjoy the festivities!

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  1. Congrats on the milestone!

    I like to think I’d know to look around for cameras if I saw something like that.


  2. This was great.. congrats on the hit cherry


  3. Congrats on popping your cherry! Now, I’m wondering, did you ever answer Bagel’s suicide meme? I came over here looking for ideas. And, oh, look, here’s my little twisted friend right above Morris!


  4. Thanks! And is Morris really twisted, Stil? Please do tell.
    Morris? What to defend yourself?!


  5. So damned funny. And congrats on 10k!!! It’s a great tribute to you. You keep us interested, entertained and informed. It’s why we come back.


  6. Oh no! Sorry Morris! I mean, I hope you have the honor of being twisted, but – I was talking about Miss Bagel above!


  7. Oh! My bad. I should learn how to read!

    And thanks Mike…that’s really kind of you to say. I try. Though lately I’ve been a bit lax…


  8. Stil: I’m glad to know I’m still your twisted lil friend, even tho you never come visit me anymore!!!! *cry*


  9. I know – I’ve been cheating. I’m a dog at heart. But I’ll be back home soon, Bagel.


  10. You know, there’s something wrong with that skeleton, but I just can’t figure it out. Anyone?


  11. Gives new meaning to the word “boner”


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