Halloween and all that jazz…


So here I am as Velma Kelly from Chicago. Not really sure if I pulled it off but it was cheap — and the costume didn’t cost much either. Haha. As for the bottle of SoCo. Nope, that’s not apple juice as many people at the “party” I was at asked me. That’s me partaking in the good stuff straight from the bottle. Have to stay in character.

My friend Micheal went as Micheal Vick — he wore the jersey and attached a stuffed dog to his leg. Hilarious. As for the festivities, not an earth-shattering night but the conversation was interesting — discussing everything from does it mean you are gay if you spent 10 years in prison and slept with a man to the luxury game of cricket. I’m hoping Halloween night will have some mischief for me to get into.


12 responses to this post.

  1. You look awesome, Velma Kelly.

    Happy Halloween.


  2. Why thanks, anti! I only hope that I can get into some really partying come Halloween night…


  3. Youch J!!! *Turning AC ceiling fan on*


  4. See? I’m all flustered. I meant just ceiling fan.


  5. Well, Greg. I’m all touched.


  6. Wow, very saucy! I give it two thumbs up 🙂 you have to love Halloween!


  7. Hot stuff Velma. You’ll look great on the stand!!


  8. Simply Beautiful.. Happy Halloween.


  9. Velllllma! Velma! Oh my god, the last time I drank Southern Comfort was in 1995 when I found myself wandering on a deserted road and into a gas station where I threw up and I don’t think I even knew my name…I haven’t had it since!

    You look great! And please post a Michael Vick photo if you have one!


  10. Oh, one last thing – what’s the answer to that question?


  11. SoCo almost ruined me last night…but it was a good ruin. But wandering down a deserted road, Stiletto? You sound like you were a Lifetime movie waiting to happen! And the answer to that question? Most said gay. Two or three of us said no way. How can a man who had lacked sex that long really keep turning to his rosy palm? Gotta put it somewhere!


  12. Even my own boyfriend, who is hardcore hetero! Excuses gay sex in jail. So I’m gonna have to side with those thinkin’ outside the box! [And inside the anus]! hahahaha!


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