Did someone say Britney with vag?

So I still don’t know what I’m going to dress as this year for Halloween, but my assistant said I should go as Britney Spears with a fake vagina stuck on the outside of my clothes. Not sure about that one, but starting late early morning I will be seeking out bits and pieces of what’s left of costumes at the local supercenter and get creative. Hence I will be neglecting this blog and the reading of others for the sake of weekend festivities. Unless something so crazy happens I can’t help but feed my up-to-the-minute blog addiction. If you are partaking in the revelry, be safe and take off the mask before you drop your pants in a strange place…


And I know that this LOL feed doesn’t match the title…I just like this cat’s reaction better!

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  1. Posted by MisstressM on Saturday, October 27, 2007 at 5:12 pm

    Im dressing as a Mafia Wife (providing all the serial killers I have been studying as of late). But I created my outfit all on my own. Pictures forthcoming. I am also a bit hesitant to say that my outfit can easily confused with a Pimp or a tramp. But what can I say, its all how you look at it.

    Have a good weekend sunshine.


  2. Have fun! Don’t forget to snap a pic!

    (Voyeur – that’s what I’ll be for Halloween).


  3. Whenever you are feeling less than thin… go to the new movie on My Rantings and see what the biggest face on the earth looks like.

    Thin all my life, the last 10 years I have ballooned to the point I don’t recognize the old, bald lard ass I have become… well it isn’t the ass as much as my chins and torso…….



  4. Misstress: Hope to see the mafia wife/pimp/tramp pics soon!
    Stil: Hope you took pics as well.
    Chris: Thanks bud….but I think you look great…I’m going to your rantings today…


  5. I did not go out tonight. Obviously. Because I’m sitting here! A chocolate power shake is my treat. I know. Real exciting.

    Must be getting old. Looks like you had a blast though!


  6. I had a good enough time on Saturday, but last night’s outing was pretty cool. Just kind of tired though and I left early. But your power shake is a much better treat than the Taco Bell I got on the way home last night!


  7. Taco Bell was free two days ago….muhahahaha! Did I already tell you this? Please excuse me, I’m gettin’ buzzed as shit!


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