He didn’t have a chance, but he looks good…

 The before and after shaking your booty for over a month…











This will be my last Dancing with the Stars post. I’m not a fan of having a blog that tracks shows and crap. I refuse — but will retract my refusal if something like a dancer passes out again or kills someone.
I’m writing this because our own (Dallas’ demigod) Mark Cuban has been booted off. No real surprise. Those facial expressions were just bananas and so many people didn’t like that he didn’t dance seriously. But what good old Cuban did do was have fun and shed about 30 or more pounds. Just look at the BEFORE picture to the left.

Anyway, he lasted longer than most bets probably surmised. He’ll be alright as you all must surely need to know. He’ll comfort himself with his special pillows filled with the good green dough and distract himself focusing on those new irons in the fire with all that mixed martial arts stuff. All I know is that the Cowboys better win, the Mavs and the Rangers to make up for this Dallas disappointment. I shed a tear…

We’ll always have Emmitt.

7 responses to this post.

  1. Did the rangers play this year? It looked like they didn’t to me.


  2. Couldn’t be more right.


  3. Well, if it’s dancing with the stars you want, why didn’t you just say? http://youtube.com/watch?v=jAy42VwtChM

    You and Stiletto ought to love that one — not least because there’s a good deal of arm jerking going on.

    Best of all possible regards.


  4. Thought provoking, Arm Jerker. It’s too early in the morning so don’t get me started but this issue pisses me off to no end. When will society stop telling us what we can or can not do with our bodies? Especially women – these laws are simply designed to enslave us and put us in our place..And if these so called religious nuts believe in a higher being, why won’t they allow us to answer to him solely? I mean, isn’t what we do between you, your conscience, and God?

    Anyway, maybe not legalize but at least decriminalize. Also, I’ll later post an article that should cause much outrage!

    Good morning, Anti-socialist.

    I’ll talk to ya’ll later, got to run!


  5. Hey Stil….I think you meant to add this to the bars and brothels entry. Should I move it for you?

    Thanks though because I like to hear from a lady’s perpective on subjects like this one. When will our bodies be our own?


  6. Yes, please move it. This is just mind before caffeine lol

    Thanks! I’ll write more about it later.



  7. Your bodies are your own, Arm Jerker J, if you’ll permit me to butt in. Absolutely and inalienably your own, and thus no one may rightly violate that (only wrongly). The real question is, when will that fact be legally and completely recognized.

    Thank you, Stiletto. Good morning to you as well.


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