Marie Osmond just bit it!

Don’t waste away, Marie!Holy crap! I have to admit to not only watching Dancing with the Stars (go Mark!) but that I had to blog that she just passed the bleep out on live television!  I know she just said that she sometimes passes out when she gets winded, but do any of you baby boomers remember this lady passing out doing duets with her brother, Donny? She laughed it off and had a great sense of humor, but I’m convinced the pressure of being in those outfits and competing with those other skinny you-know-whats is bound to be horrendous! I hate reaching a nice little low of the content equivalent of the overused “OMG!” but Marie is starting to waste away. All of the “stars” drop weight quickly with all that dancing though. But still. Get the girl a samitch!

*as if i could really talk*

Oh. Forgot to add that’s she’s fine, but I’m making stew right now that I will be more than happy to share with her.

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  1. I love that Cuban is doing so well because of his blogging. Quite a turnaround for a guy that gets so much bad press because of his fan antics.
    I gotta go with ya on this one – it had to kill Marie to do all this cardio when she wasn’t used to it.


  2. Is that Dan Patrick’s sister?


  3. I never watch that show. Do you mean to tell me Mark Cuban is on this with Marie Osmond? My, my, my.


  4. Posted by MisstressM on Tuesday, October 23, 2007 at 5:04 pm

    Ok here is a dumb question. Who is she?


  5. I haven’t seen her in a long time nor have I paid much attention to her and her career but…is she waif-ish or something?

    Mmm…stew…ok – what’s in that stew! Inquiring minds..want to know! (Plus I’m monitoring your diet)!


  6. BTW – you are so kind to not say a word about her strange eye lift…


  7. She so isn’t thin, but she is quickly dropping weight….
    Good gal though even though I think the whole Osmond thing was always a little too bubblegum…

    The stew: Pinto beans, chili beef, tomatoes and lots of spices and peppers. Hope I passed!


  8. Mmmm – delish! By the way, you’ve just made me really hungry again. You’ve passed with flying colors but next time try buffalo meat – so much leaner and virtually tastes the same!

    Tons of protein, too! Although I’m thinking, poor Marie needs some carbs!


  9. J –

    Back in the day we had all the great protest music, motown, and pop. We had Bob Dylan, Barbra Streisand, The Supremes, Bobby Goldsboro, and The Osmonds.(I liked the Osmonds but was more of a Jackson 5 fan myself)

    What I wouldn’t give to go back to a time with such wonderful and eclectic music.

    I remember saying I would always but with it musically – how I’d never complain about the current generation’s music like my grandparents did. Turns out I LIED

    I can’t stand today’s music! They don’t make much music these days.

    I’ve always said if you cant SING or DANCE to it it isn’t music…. and I can’t SING to much of it and there is nothing to DANCE to either…

    Marie Osmond of course came a few years later and was more of a TV star than a music start (She had Paper Roses and a coupleof country songs). I think its funny that one of your readers didn’t even know who she was.


    As always – I hope you are well J,



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