Day 19-21: The devil drinks Tuaca

Words of wisdom…Day 19 brought a premiere party for some indie movie about bullets and drugs? I dunno, I fell asleep on the advanced copy when my friend played it last month. Needless to say, there was no countdown activity that day. I think it had something to do with Tuaca Lemon Drop Martinis.

Day 20: At least I was super active. I started the day at a farmer’s market, then off to a fall festival where my company had a booth (without a tent so of course me and my coworker were a bit angered because of the sun), a bit part in a silly dinner theatre fundraiser and capped the night off visiting with a soap star. Really! I live a strange life sometimes. And it seems like the more I do things, the more people expect of me on a daily basis which can be a combination of challenging, flattering and annoying. Plus it all comes with the fact that I had no time for myself when I got home. So me and the PRECOR didn’t bond on Day 20.

But Day 21, I got in there. I will admit to not staying 40 minutes as my virtual trainers Stiletto and The Anti-socialist have recommended. Instead I stayed 30. But I was just happy I was there finally and sweating, breathing hard and slightly sore.

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  1. “The better you do, the more they expect”

    So very true. To quote Spider-Man: With great power comes great responsibility. Of course, the inverse is true as well. With no power comes no responsibility. It’s the slackers motto.


  2. “With no power comes no responsibility. It’s the slackers motto.”

    Oh I wish I would have thought of that when my dictator mother [who had all the power in the family] would yell at me to get up and do something!

    Now, now, AJJ – don’t be too hard on yourself. Thirty is clearly better than nothing.

    {{{Ears perking}}} Soap star? Sigh. I suppose…no link either…not even a hint?


  3. PS The devil does not drink Tuaca. An angel drinks Tuaca. The devil makes her do it!


  4. Hey Stiletto. This one I’ll dish on. I met Natalie from One Life to Live. Do you watch it? And the devil made me drink that and Sambuca last week…


  5. I think I am familiar with Natalie but only because One Life to Live was part of the daytime lineup on the Armed Forces Network. I used to watch it even though it was a year behind.


  6. Oh scratch that. I just googled her and guess what? I’ve no clue who she is. But I am familiar with the Buchanen (sp?) clan.


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