Day 17-18: I smoked on the balcony…

I’m so relaxed.

Lots of things make me do that. All of which aren’t a good enough reason to toke on a cancer stick. However, I buy a pack a month and smoke when I feel it’s necessary. Day 16 and 17 included smoking a cig on the balcony. It felt good. And I just relaxed. Maybe I should have a fake one like the aspergers guy from Boston Legal to appease something inside of me with a placebo type method. I did walk the fair today. And I’m already friggin’ sore as hell from Day 15. So, we’ll see for the weekend. I’m already invited to a VIP party Friday which I doubt will be swarming in healthy. This shit is hard…especially when you have become a recent object of attention from the non-fairer sex. Men are distracting.

9 responses to this post.

  1. Ah, I am having a mega craving tonight but refuse to cave. I wish I could be a pack a month smoker. Alas, I am a hard-core ex-cigarette addict who cannot be trusted with them. Love em though.


  2. I wish that I just stop all together because last night my asthma was acting up. How dumb is that? I know a lot of asthma sufferers who smoke. It’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard and I’m guilty of it!


  3. I won’t even begin to lecture but…bad, bad, bad!

    Well, I smoke in bed…oh wait, we’re talking about cigarettes here!


  4. Ah. Yea. I’m not a fan of the OTHER kind!


  5. I wasn’t talking about the other kind either!

    Never mind. My joke went flop, flop, flop lol


  6. Oops. I’m just slow, which doesn’t surprise me. I just got your joke!


  7. Anent this subject of smoking in bed, there was, in all seriousness, a long-term study recently, which, after several years, concluded resoundingly that “heavier women have better sex.”

    Apparently, says the study, the only real drawback is that after sex these women all like to roll over and smoke a ham.


  8. Anti: I oughta kick you for that one!!
    However the first part of your comment is right on the money…trust me.


  9. Mama Caas choked on a ham sandwich, so there might be some truth to it.


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