A note to the angry bloggers

Guilty as charged…I know how you feel. I’ve been one too. Actually, I’m often one. But this is a quick note to remind everyone that just because you are angry, doesn’t mean you can have an excuse to not make sense or not find a creative way to bash someone. I’ve read so many (many, many) blogs — not just WordPress either, that just vent without reason, thought or just plain filled the reader with unanalyzed venom.  I’d like to say regular readers of this blog aren’t guilty of such, but I’m a random blog reader and this theme has been an annoying trend. Well, call this a post-PMS rant if you wish, but I’m tired of reading those type of blogs. And I’m a true believer that if you want to be cruel, pointed or accusatory — do it with some finesse and flow. That’s all. I’m drunk…Now that’s poignant.

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  1. Posted by MisstressM on Saturday, October 20, 2007 at 12:55 am

    Agreed! I have missed you sunshine. How is life treating you?


  2. Pretty good. So good that I’ve been too busy to keep up with my reading on here or to produce quality posts!


  3. I know you have too much class to do so – but I’d love to see a link to what you’re talking about!


  4. Ah Stiletto…I’m tempted, but I better not!


  5. I’ve been too busy too and trying to catch up has been difficult. I’ve seen some angry bloggers and even been one once but the thing is it doesn’t last long. People move on and life moves quickly so even if someone was angry once and lost it doesn’t mean it’s not worth going back eh? We all have bad days sometimes.

    I agree about doing it with some class though. Thanks, you always make me smile. Peace, ~ RS ~


  6. thanks ruby. and i agree. i’m an angry blogger a lot of times. but i think people can do it with a little better writing sometimes!
    and btw, your blog oftem makes me smile (and hungry for home cooked food!)


  7. Really, you should show a link to show the readers what you’re talking about.


  8. ah, man…do i? i like to start stuff but not that way! call me a coward this time. can you imagine? sure it would be interesting but in the longrun, what would be the benefit?*retracting your retraction of me retracting any future raccoon noises*


  9. Retraction noted. Sorry, I tend to be a little more confrontational. I guess I enjoy stirring pots. And washing things.


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