Days 10-12: Winning/Losing the Good Fight

OK. This will not be an entry of excuses. I repeat this will not be an entry of excuses and I write this again and again Bart Simpson style on my mental chalkboard. But alas I didn’t work out. I haven’t since Day 8 technically but I think Day 9 counted since I walked the whole damn fair for most of my day. The guilt is creeping in — I should have really pushed harder this week. And even though I have DVR now (which seems like I was the last to get it), the Thursday lineup just makes me want to sit on the couch and sip my sake…

Good news is that I’m dropping a few inches. But mostly in my feet. I have a pair of fierce heels that were slipping off of me on Day 10. I remember specifically that they used to be tight as hell. This time around I had to be careful not to fall over from them sliding all around. Also I looked in the mirror this morning and seemed less disgusted at myself. Ah. Progress.

Well, today is a day of pampering. I’m getting my hair done. And possibly nails. Because really, this countdown is about improvement and what’s improvement without a little pampering, right?

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  1. Could be the weather on the heels.

    (Hope this didn’t make it into spam.)


  2. Posted by MisstressM on Friday, October 12, 2007 at 11:46 am

    Ohhhhhh fun. I am ditching work today and the best part….In few hours I plan on getting my nails done then my hair, then my car washed.


  3. That’s right, Arm Jerker J: it’s about improvement.

    And the goal is happiness.

    So have some fucking fun.

    Great weekend.


  4. I definitely think the day at the fair counted as equal substitute.
    Your last sentence: Damned right.


  5. Ah. Feeling justified and grasping my beer as we speak……………


  6. Just curious – have you implemented a healthy diet along with this workout?

    Here’s hoping that…if you are having a beer it’s Belgian…


  7. Hey, Stil. Yes I have but where I get it messed up is that I include a Sonic slush, too many carbs I’m sure and sake. Overall though I eat really awesomely–salads, great breakfast, water…but those damn carbs! I do like a good Belgian beer though. And right now there’s a Heffe in the fridge with my name on it!


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