Akismet: Leave Mike alone.

At WorkI am an avid reader of The Grand View.

Mike, the writer of the blog is a nice guy. And who could dislike a man who calls his wife “his bride.” Read his about me, interesting fella. I usually don’t pay homage to someone via blog, but sometimes it’s necessary. Especially in this case because you see, Mike is constantly in my spam. Now, if I didn’t already know everyday that he would be in there, I wouldn’t look everyday. But there he is, every time he wants to say something–there he his. Sitting in spam timeout.

Akismet, why do you hate Mike? He’s a pretty good guy. Loves his family. Seen the world. Writes well. And has a great disposition. Akismet, please leave Mike alone. I know he didn’t do anything to you. So set him free. Let him comment at will over here without the shunning.

Here’s to you Mike, *cue the Budlight real Men of genius music*

7 responses to this post.

  1. (cue music)
    Here’s to you world traveler . . .
    “Mister unfairly censored by Akisme-e-e-E-T-t . . . “


  2. That was funny because I could really hear the singing as I read Akisme-e-E-T-t… Good one Greg.


  3. I was a music nerd in college. I guess it finally paid off.


  4. Bloody hell, J. I thought you were just kidding about writing something. Well, thank you very much for the kind words. I am honored. See you in Spam.


  5. And alas. I had to retrieve Mike’s comment from spam. No problem man. It just ain’t right.


  6. If you’ll allow the antisocialist to be serious with you a moment, Arm Jerker J. — and there does seem to be some real question about whether or not you will — this is a very nice post. It’s genuine, it’s well written, and it leaves us all — the antisocialist is sure he speaks for everyone when he says this — wanting more
    Budweiser and SPAM —
    and I’m talking about the kind in the can
    which tastes a little like ham.

    Best of all possible regards.


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