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Akismet: Leave Mike alone.

At WorkI am an avid reader of The Grand View.

Mike, the writer of the blog is a nice guy. And who could dislike a man who calls his wife “his bride.” Read his about me, interesting fella. I usually don’t pay homage to someone via blog, but sometimes it’s necessary. Especially in this case because you see, Mike is constantly in my spam. Now, if I didn’t already know everyday that he would be in there, I wouldn’t look everyday. But there he is, every time he wants to say something–there he his. Sitting in spam timeout.

Akismet, why do you hate Mike? He’s a pretty good guy. Loves his family. Seen the world. Writes well. And has a great disposition. Akismet, please leave Mike alone. I know he didn’t do anything to you. So set him free. Let him comment at will over here without the shunning.

Here’s to you Mike, *cue the Budlight real Men of genius music*

Days 10-12: Winning/Losing the Good Fight

OK. This will not be an entry of excuses. I repeat this will not be an entry of excuses and I write this again and again Bart Simpson style on my mental chalkboard. But alas I didn’t work out. I haven’t since Day 8 technically but I think Day 9 counted since I walked the whole damn fair for most of my day. The guilt is creeping in — I should have really pushed harder this week. And even though I have DVR now (which seems like I was the last to get it), the Thursday lineup just makes me want to sit on the couch and sip my sake…

Good news is that I’m dropping a few inches. But mostly in my feet. I have a pair of fierce heels that were slipping off of me on Day 10. I remember specifically that they used to be tight as hell. This time around I had to be careful not to fall over from them sliding all around. Also I looked in the mirror this morning and seemed less disgusted at myself. Ah. Progress.

Well, today is a day of pampering. I’m getting my hair done. And possibly nails. Because really, this countdown is about improvement and what’s improvement without a little pampering, right?