A noose at Columbia?!

Jena. Yes at Jena. There is no excuse for it, but that is the South. I live in the South. I know the South.

Call me an idealist, but New York has always represented a sense of freedom, beauty, opportunity and open-mindedness to me. Am I wrong? Yet another noose. Yet ANOTHER ONE at Columbia University of all places. A very distraught Madonna Constantine, the black professor who found the noose on her door, was on Good Morning America this morning–talking to Robin Roberts (my idol), which is ironic because the fact that we see black journalists everyday should show we are in another world compared to what the 50s had to offer. Anyway, the professor said one of the main things she felt was embarrassed though she said she had nothing to be embarrassed about. I’m embarrassed too.

You all know that I hate the race card. And that I don’t like to go on and on about “the black plight.” But this HAS to stop. Why is the world so hateful? I’m continuing my lose of faith in people. And this resurgence of “the noose” is childish at best, dangerous to our country’s progression at worse. I have been pretty lucky because I can’t think of a major incident in my life where I was the victim of racism. To be honest my racism had mostly been by other blacks telling me I wasn’t black enough. Very different problem. My parents however were old enough to experience racism while living in Lubbock, Texas. My mother and her siblings went for ice cream only to discover their vanilla scoops were in fact Crisco. Both of my parents also remember the segregation, the separate water fountains.

I feel so very blessed (I say blessed…even as an agnostic). I’m blessed because I know that the opportunities and the life I have today is a direct result of people who fought for what I have. But I’m fearing that we are going backwards. Not just with something like a fool hanging a noose but this is going to create more of those “movements” I despise. I don’t want to see a 1960s-like movement everytime such actions like this one are taken. I think we can solve this without a march. I think if we just EDUCATE. Show the face of racism and humiliate it. I want to see everyone banded together and speaking out in the community. Marches just get written off as “oh, there THEY go again.” But if you take actions to educate, whether that is in school or town hall meetings, maybe something can be done? But then again, maybe I’m being an idealist like I said before. And because I’m just starting and continuing to feel quite disappointed in people, I might just join a march if there is one to be a part of. I’m tired. I’m just so tired of it.

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  1. I havea similar post on the Noose at Columbia. I’ve been having problems leaving posts on fellow wordpress blogs while I’m signed in under my blog dashboard. Are you having the same problem?


  2. I just found out about those noose incidents and I’m quite surprised and disgusted. Out of all people in the world, they had to take their hate out on an EDUCATED black woman teaching at Colmubia University. What were they trying to put across? No matter how educated we (black people) are we still deserved to be hanged? We still deserve the treatment of the 50’s and 60’s? This Jena incident seems to make people bold and want show their true nasty beliefs. Honestly, I’ve given up on people along time ago. Sad but true. If people want to be ignorant, they’re going to be ignorant, believing what they want and justify it no matter how wrong.


  3. I hear ya, Lecya. I was really disappointed and surprised actually when I know I should not be. I’m just more surprised it was “up North.” I can’t believe that kind of thinking thrives even today. I just wish people would wake up…


  4. I think you summed it up best when you said this act was “childish.” It’s childish and ignorant and hateful and hurtful. The reality is there are childish and ignorant and hateful and hurtful people out there. The professor doesn’t need to prove her worth, and no amount of “defacing” her door is going to change that. She is an intelligent women that was a victim of a racist fool. Ignore the act and consider the source– a cowardly, stupid person. I feel bad that she felt embarrassed. If I could speak to her, I would tell her that the only one who needs to feel embarrassed here is the fool who left the racist comment on her door.


  5. Prejudice is everywhere. And it isn’t solely perpetrated against people with more melanin in their skin, either. In the past eight nine months, I’ve experienced it egregiously as a chubby, middle-aged white woman in the job market. I know of at least two positions for which I was passed over because of my appearance, education level and age. I’d fight it, but why bother. I could plead my case and suffer the degradation of a court battle.

    And beyond that, I could wage war against the odds and I could loose weight and make the effort to look younger and carry myself as such, but my argument opposing that is the same as anyone else who’s been a victim of prejudice—-why should I? The content of my character should matter more than the color of my skin or even the depth of my skin for that matter.

    The reality is this: we can’t change the world. Sadly, no one can. The late, great Dr. King tried to make a difference and in many ways he did, but even with his wisdom , determination and courage, he couldn’t completely alter global thinking. If he had, we wouldn’t be discussing the fact that a noose was found on a Black woman’s front door—forty plus years after the fact.


  6. WTF?

    Remember me talking about ya never hear of a noose hanging anywhere but in the south?

    NOW I know things are out of control in this country. People of ALL nationalities have co-existed in NYC forever.

    Someone’s child need a boot in the ass!!!!



  7. Yeah, you want to hear something just as fucked up? Someone sent this to me via email – it was in a Louisiana newspaper and it read [to paraphrase] – “It’s amazing. Blacks couldn’t get their asses on a bus to leave Hurricane Katrina but they sure could load up on a bus and get back in for the Jena rally.” I still can’t believe this was in a newspaper. I should do some research and try to find the exact source.


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