You probably think you are being cute…

But whoever has so much fucking time to sit and see what words to put together to reach my blog and then wait to see if I get pissed is a pathetic waste of life and space on this planet. I don’t have a problem calling people out when they are acting like sheer morons. Sometimes I even reward those morons and find a way to publicly humiliate them in return for giving everyone the pleasure of displaying their stupidity right there on the sleeve.

A few references to something gross or ridiculous to get to my blog, I laugh at and move on. I have even gotten over the fact that someone Googles about 15 TIMES DAILY stuff about interracial dating, black women and white men, and if black women are approachable to get to this shit everyday. That I can deal with by shaking my head. But when someone puts NIGGER DAY STATE FAIR TEXAS together to see if my blog will pop up, I will have to say you can suck it, then eat it, choke on it and then gag to death.  YOU, whoever you are, have way too much time on your hands and needs either a job, a life or a hobby. Contact me because I’m sure I can find something for you to do.

Thanks for letting me rant because sometimes this bitch just needs to grab by the balls.



8 responses to this post.

  1. WTF?

    Im with you J!

    Do something constructive with your time.



  2. Whoa!

    What do you mean they typed it to see if your blog will come up? Did they add your blog’s name right after it? Or are you saying they wrote you and told you this is what they did?

    Either way, messed up.


  3. Well, being that the listing was in ALL CAPS indicates that the person wanted me to see it. And what I mean is that they found words in my blog and put them together to get here. I can usually tell the difference between a legit search and one that is meant to “shock and awe.” This was a purposeful move even though it doesn’t seem to show that they put my blog name at the end, the timing of it is uncanny: Just wrote about the fair…recently commented on a blog that used the word “nigger” in it.


  4. J,
    Not being difficult here but could it be coincidental that some arsehole (world is filled with them you know) actually entered that into google? I just did as an exercise and came up with 266,000 hits (holy hell). Better to ignore it than call them out on it I would think (because now it appears in your blog as a string) ?


  5. If it’s any consolation to you, Arm Jerker J., ever since the antisocialist posted his legalizing prostitution article, he’s been getting these crazy daily search-engine listings, which somehow make it to his site, in all caps. Seriously speaking, they are hardcore — too hardcore to mention — and they’re also strangely racial, many of them.

    Of course, the really insulting part of it is the fact that the antisocialist is repeatedly referred to as “bitch.”

    The antisocialist, as he’s said before, is nobody’s bitch.

    Unless it’s in the bedroom.


  6. The subtle hostility and the use of all caps mostly say one thing to me: Teenager.


  7. Posted by MisstressM on Wednesday, October 10, 2007 at 5:49 pm

    Some people have too much time on their hands and the worst part is that they are mostly stupid and amazingly idiotic.


  8. Mike: You are right. I should probably not have. But I guess I did because, though I know we all have received weird results. But mine are repeat offenders. I guess I was in a mood this morning!


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