He’s back in your life…now what?

I have been recently contacted by a guy I was seeing. We didn’t end on bad terms, exactly. He just had a lot going on and dropped out of view while I just figured he was a jerk or something (even though he was always a nice guy.) However he has since asked for another shot. Now I’m one to can forgive. But after you have burned me twice, I’ve moved on. Well. I’m giving things another shot. Shot number 2. However I’m very gun-shy about it. How do you let yourself get involved again without all the fear? Do you trust it?

In this case, he said all the right things. Said he made a mistake. Said he wanted another chance and promised no strings attached while he tries to gain my trust I guess. The way my life is right now, I’ve really been focusing on me. But maybe I shouldn’t let that get in the way? I’m such a skeptic. And I don’t expect romance anymore. I just want something stable but at the same time I have finally accepted single life so if it doesn’t work out, going back to the usual won’t be a shock. Many of you, in a round about way, have stated that whole “life is too short” thing in some of my other posts. It is. While it is short, I don’t want a roller-coaster–but I guess that bumpy ride can be fun. Hum. As I twiddle my thumbs, he’s calling shortly. As I twiddle my thumbs I wonder when will I be comfortable with dating again…If I ever really was.

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  1. Posted by loudmouthprotestant on Wednesday, October 10, 2007 at 9:25 pm

    Hmm…well I am not sure that you are asking for advice so I will tread lightly and just say be careful. Somehow I am tempted to draw a comparison to buying clothes on sale just because they are on sale and not because you really want–or need them. Do you get my drift? Just make sure you are entering back into this quasi-relationship because you really want to, not because there isn’t anything else to do. I haven’t been in m(any) relationships in my life but I know enough to know that you can’t spend time with folks just for the heck of it. Life indeed is too short, too short to make the same mistakes in a different season.


  2. Isn’t this shot number three?


  3. Posted by boyfulan¿ on Thursday, October 11, 2007 at 12:55 am

    get going¿¿¿ all the best.


  4. Throw caution to the wind…and give it a shot. He seems “honorable” if he admits he f-ed up. But you know best, J.


  5. No. Greg. It is shot number two. Why do you say three?! Did I write about this already? I think if I did, it was about all of the crap in his life making it difficult to want to be with him. That stuff has supposedly died down. And I know I just sound like one of those chicks. Wait, the one that was crawling back isn’t the same guy. This guy is the one who had baby moma drama!

    LMP, you are right. And actually, it isn’t because there is a sale. Let’s just say I really like the outfit and now it’s on sale and I’m trying to decided if I want to spend the money on it!


  6. If things didn’t end badly it must have been a mediocre relationship lol


  7. Ah! Even though I think you were just joshin’, you hit the nail on the head, Stiletto. I’ve been thinking that has been the problem all along.


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