somebody please tell me…

Why would anyone need Dane Cook window stickers? That is what someone was looking for to get to my blog. Granted I posted about Dane here. If you are seeking a Dane Cook window sticker, contact me. I think I can take a wonderful picture of a jackass and make something pretty for ya.

4 responses to this post.

  1. Who is this guy Dane Cook, what does he do and why does everyone seem to not like him? This is a serious question. I am seriously disconnected from pop culure.


  2. Eh. Not much to tell. He’s kind of a funny/not funny comic. He was in Employee of the Month with Jessica Simpson and is in a recent movie I’ve forgotten obviously…and yep. Most people don’t like him. I happen to think he’s hot but just kind of annoying. He’s a horrible talk show guest. And songwriter it seems!


  3. I’m getting those too… but honestly….. I think they are people who google themselves and then come to my site.

    Did I tell you about the AUTHOR who emailed me?

    As you probably know, on my blog I have a list of books on my nightstand (Im not going to use his name because he will google himself again and find my comments). This author looked up his name on google and found my website that way.

    THEN… he wrote me two emails asking if I had read his book yet and once I did he would appreciate me writing him a review.

    I was dumbstruck. This guy is the managing editor of a VERY POPULAR magazine that features pictoral layouts of beautiful woman. It’s not the old man with the mansion, but someone who is the managing editor.

    What do you think about that?

    I hope you are well J,



  4. I still don’t know who Dane Cook is. I need to google him.


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