Day 9: I love my job today…

Where else can you spend a work day at the fair and not get in trouble? We did work. But come on. What fun! We interviewed little kids, some crazy carnies and ate like fiends (I only had a lemon chill and 1/4 of a turkey leg before any of you “virtual” trainers ask!) There aren’t so many rare moments when everything comes together at once and you have absolutely nothing bad to say about your full-time gig. Today was one of them. Tomorrow? Eh. Well, now I’m going to be nosey. I want to know what you do and what is great about it. Would you like to work somewhere else?

I really would like to know but obviously this is a distraction from the meat of the issue. I’m not hitting the gym. My footsies are killing me from walking the fair–we were there from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the horrible, full Texas sun!? We sat for all of 10 minutes the whole time. I’m going to say something I have been repeating for the last few days: It has to count for something! And I didn’t eat one fried thing. I even got Big Tex to do a plug for our company! I worked. Cut me some slack…(tee hee) Or maybe I just needed to tell myself that.

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  2. What do I do for a living? Well, I’m a bookkeeper for a small company that used to be owned by my brother. The company name is our surname. Anyway, he sold the business last year, now I’m the only person here with their name on the front of the building. Do I like it? Some days I do, but the new boss is quite a bit less involved than my brother was, leaving the rest of the management to pick up the slack. I like him very much personally though, so that’s good. The only real gripe I have, which I’ve always had about this position, is that it takes a lot more brains to do this job than I get paid for having. When I end up helping the overpaid assclowns do basic math or write a simple sentence, something’s not right.


  3. Thanks Karen for humoring my nosiness! Wonder if anyone else will jump on?
    But hey, your name is still on the building!


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