Right in my backyard

My recent move has been blissful. I love this place. I’m near nature. I’m close enough to work and downtown. That sneaky demon/angel kitty of mine has somewhere to roam outside on the balcony. But as with every damn thing in life, there is a downfall. The downfall is being a stone’s throw a way from a doctor’s hospital and a few other medical centers.

That is bad Feng Shui already. Feng Shui always tells you being near a hospital is not a good idea and yes I read about Feng Shui. Really not the point. The point is that yesterday I had to witness knobby-kneed, clear visor and monster sunglasses wearing, pasty abortion picketers. I love the idea we have all these wonderful rights. We get to say what we want (for the most part), do what we want (within reason) and we have the right to proudly display and brandish what we stand for. However is it wrong to say, and I’m really being quite whitebread and cliche, “–not in my backyard?”

There. I said it. Not gonna take it back.  The scene was so circa Roe vs. Wade. When I’m peeling out of my complex, I don’t really feel like reading posters that say  “Jesus heals.” And “Abortion hurts women.” I’m not exactly a blasphemous heathen, but I don’t need a sermon shoved at my eyes while I’m at the stoplight or that churn in my stomach–the same I get when I have to evaluate whether or not those “homeless” median dwellers holding up cardboard box panels saying “Hungry. God Bless” are really in dire straits. Hey. I’m just trying to get to the next street. Grab a damn coffee. Get to the store. I got the compulsion to yank out my lighter and torch each of those poorly scrawled phrases that contradict everything tolerance stands for.

How sick is it to know that if you were someone who has had an abortion, that in broad daylight you can be reminded of your decision and then mocked for it. How nice. And today’s issues just seem far more what will decide what kind of America we will have come voting day. The decision was made. Abortion is legal and up to a woman to decide. May she see fit not to use it as birth control but it’s still her right just the same. So let’s move on from this tired topic and stop rehashing. Besides, everyone just kept on driving.

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  1. Isn’t it ironic that the “God is Love” religion is the most intolerant of all?
    BTW, love your writing!


  2. Hot button issue for me! I drove by a whole shitload of just-got-out-of-church abortion protesters on Sunday. Little kids were there too! I almost rolled down my window and yelled “Illegal abortions kill WOMEN, you morons.” But I didn’t. It would not have changed their minds. Oh geez, are you going to have to witness this on a regular basis?


  3. Well AJJ, that certailny sucks. You know my feelings on protesting. I don’t care who does it or why. I think it’s absolutely asinine and something that we shouldn’t have to put up with. Free speech be damned, it’s a matter of common decency. After all, the only thing that is accomplished by protesting is pissing everybody else off. As I have tried to illustrate before, people get annoyed with protesters and picketers and simply either blow them off or worse yet, blow up at them. Rarely, if ever, do protesters change anybody’s minds. I firmly believe that most of them do it just to hear themselves talk and to make each other feel good (i.e. brotherhood through common misconception)…


  4. I completely agree with you, they need to just move on. I don’t know why people in America (especially people of certain religious groups) feel they have a right to tell other people what to do with themselves and their lives.


  5. Glad to see I’m not the only one who feels this way. Yea Arc. I’m about the same way on the whole protesting bit. It’s never effective except to irritate people. And Karen, I surely hope not. Maybe Sunday was some kind of whine about abortion day since you saw the same thing I did. But being that close to medical centers, who knows.


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  7. Posted by mitroglycerin on Friday, March 7, 2008 at 1:37 pm

    I have to agree with kip….it is always the self rightous christians that want to think that they are actually following the right path when they in fact they have strayed far from it.


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