Day 5, 6 and Angie Martinez

Photo by Devon CassI listen to just about every genre of music. I’ve even been known to listen to a little old school country. There’s  a station out here Willie Nelson loves and I listen to it daily. That’s about all the music radio I can take really. Then right in the same day I will pop in a Kanye West CD or The Black Rebel Motorcycle Club.

Well I don’t know if you all know who Angie Martinez is but she’s a hot item on New York’s Hot 97 as one of its deejays. Yes I made a shameless pun. And she so happened to have been my Rocky-type motivation music on Day 4 as I cranked it out on the monster elliptical machine. Her album Animal House was a risky hip-hop purchase back in 2002 just basing it on the single “If I Can Go,” but usually I know I’m going to like the whole album or not by a single. Even though I know music heads loathe people that do that. No accounting for taste. Well Angie didn’t disappoint me and although her success is probably considered a little lukewarm compared to today’s crappy music, Animal House was what got me through Day 4.  If you have a workout soundtrack please share.

Anyway, I’m doing a lot of weights and using them to attempt to sculpt out obliques like anti-socialist claims to own. So now my sides are the main part of me that hurts. You ladies out there know what I mean right? That damn fluff of meaty blubber that sits on the side and makes wearing a crisp fitted shirt a risk? (Maybe it’s just me.) I’m starting to feel better already, but I missed Day 5.

Day 5 consisted of me getting the apartment in order. And then a photo shoot that went terribly awry what with rain, mosquitoes, mud and a subject in high-heels. Needless to say we are rescheduling. And needless to say I just felt more like popping open a beer. So that’s what I did. Hey, carrying that heavy camera bag I just upgraded to HAS to count for something.

Update: I’m an idiot. This should read, as it does now, as Day 5 and 6. I’m starting to lose count. I should be looking at that blasted calendar in the sidebar!

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  1. Excellent. I encourage all forms of exercise. Keep up the cardio because contrary to misguided popular belief, it’s not ab work that gives you abs, it’s cardio and pumping iron.

    I should repost my routine again.

    “And then a photo shoot that went terribly awry what with rain, mosquitoes, mud and a subject in high-heels. ”

    That would certainly have been interesting lol


  2. Thanks Stiletto! Actually, you should post that. I need all the help I can get!


  3. Ok, but I need to change some of the stats on there as I lift more now. I’ll repost it in the meantime. But I warn you, this is a hardcore bodybuilding routine. If you have any questions just ask.


  4. Claimsto have, Arm Jerker J? How dare you. Not even your generous plug makes up for this preposterous statement.

    The antisocialist’s obliques would make your arm jerk; they routinely break stilettos — stiletto knives, that is. What sort of proof do you require?

    Speaking of Stiletto, the antisocialist recently weighed in over at her site, if you didn’t notice, on this crucial subject of cardio. Arm Jerker J., cardio is the crux of everything.

    The rest is gravy.


  5. Yes. I need proof. Send pics immediately!
    Thanks for the advice…really appreciated and I’m not BSing.


  6. I am in awe of y’alls abs. Will be checking out Ms Martinez soon. I need some work-out inspiring music.


  7. Ok, step up to the plate, Anti, and show us those abs!


  8. AJ,

    E-mail me at the Raison D’etre page of my blog. I’ll give you the low down on my foray into least as it pertains to the Houston market. The money ain’t great, but it ain’t bad either.

    I’ll explain.



  9. Hello Arm Jerker J.

    Hello Stiletto.

    Well, I must say, you’re both looking very lovely today, as usual. Unfortunately, the antisocialist doesn’t go on cue — ever — it’s a rule he has. Things with the antisocialist have to just happen, or they don’t happen at all. Not to mention the fact that you would almost certainly recognize these obliques, they’ve gotten so famous.

    The eliptical, Arm Jerker J., is good until it becomes too easy to do, which can happen quickly. Is it still getting your thumper thumping? Is it wearing you out? When the antisocialist was rehabilitating from the knee injury that ultimately cost him his professional career, he was on the elliptical for a while. Candidly, he found it very easy to get slack. In other words, you have to stay focused to keep the elliptical tough. And even then, after a few weeks, it can get pretty routine. But if it’s getting your heart-rate up to 120 or more, and if you’re still feeling it in your legs and your butt, then it’s working; and that’s all that matters. Stiletto said something extraordinarily wise over at her place, and to paraphrase her, it was this: it doesn’t matter at all how fast you’re running, or how much weight you’re lifting; all that matters is that you keep your form clean and methodical, and that the excercise is taxing you. If you find yourself getting used to the elliptical, switch to running or fast walking: you’ve got to keep your muscles confused.

    If you’re worried about your triceps and biceps staying, as you say, tight, cardio will help with that too, because it keeps the extra layers of fat off your muscles. Weights are indispensible for muscle bulk and muscle tone, but muscle tone won’t show if it’s covered in fat. And the only way to lose fat — no matter how many fancy diets and new theories come along — is by burning up more calories per day then you taking in. It’s that simple. Losing weight is a credit/debit system; don’t let yourself get distracted from that very basic truth, because with all the diet fads out there distraction can happen easily. Thus, a cardiovascular exercise that’s firing those leg and butt muscles 30-to-60 minutes a day, 4 or 5 times a week, will burn a lot of calories, relatively speaking. If you can do that — and you can — without significantly increasing your caloric intake, you’ll starting losing weight pretty rapidly, relatively speaking.

    Of course, there are genetic differences in people, but basically that’s the way it’s going to go down — and when I say “going go down” and I hope neither of you get the wrong impression.


  10. Maybe I wanted to get the wrong impression…

    Anywho, really great advice. And yes, it’s still getting my rate pretty high and making me sore. But I think where I mess up, even though I generally eat right, I like beer and sake! So for example on a day I may have worked out, I may have a beer or a bit of sake. I’m not a drunk or anything but I kind of like my drink like they do in Italy or something. And I know there’s caleries galore in them. I also have a weakness for tea cookies and praline covered pecans. Shame on me. I just wish I could restrict myself better. Plus we are covering the fair all this week, and covered it last week, so yep. Fair food too. Hey, had to write about something! Well, please don’t drown in all my excuses. I know I could do better….baby steps.


  11. White wine, champagne, red wine, and Guiness are, in that order, the best libations to indulge in when trying to get ship-shape. How do I know? I’m the prime rib of the bartending smorgasbord.


  12. The prime rib of the bartending smorgasbord hahaha

    Would that bison or hundred percent beefcake?


  13. Thank you, Stiletto. The antisocialist takes your ha-ha laughter sincerely.

    And in response to your closing query: as if you even need to ask, Stiletto. As if you even need to ask …

    Incidentally, while I’ve got you both here, on the subject of beefcakes, tubesteaks, arm jerkers, and stilettos (knives and otherwise), things have really heated up over at the antisocialist — specifically, in the latest, and penultimate, installment of Death on a Windy Night. You see, in chapter 4 we’ve “come” to the first major sex scene — and it’s extraordinarily hot — you don’t want to miss it. Not to mention the fact that my loyal readers are deserting me in droves because I’ve actually had the audacity to post something fictional and (semi)literary.

    Best of all possible regards.


  14. Hahahah! Anti. I feel ya. Once I stopped doing less racial ranting, I didn’t get as many reads. I will be sure to bring extra underwear and travel to your blog!


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