It was Day 4 and damn I’m sore

I haven’t been this sore since the last time I got laid. And I won’t be telling anyone when that was.

Day 3 wore me out so Day 4 consisted of me saying ouch every time I moved. Ah. So nice to be working those sad muscles back in. But I know when to take it easy. Here’s to Day 5. And knowing a Friday, drinks may follow or precede the elliptical machine.

How counter productive to the fat/calorie-burning mission…unless I refresh myself on the last time I was this sore!

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  1. J –

    I am just starting to get back into the exercise thang. I actually started hiking one of the mountains in the city a few days ago. I think so far I have done it 4 times and yesterday morning yesterday really kicked my behind.

    BUt after looking at the photos taken during my recent trip to Michigan, I am WAY overdue and need to lose at least 30 poun

    Wish me luck!



  2. Good luck Chris! We both know this journey is a hard one!
    A mountain?! That’s impressive. Texas is void of anything fun to climb really. Or at least in this area anyway. Dallas sucks.


  3. J,
    I have many of your postings still to read after my computer crisis of Tuesday but I can’t let your opening line pass. “I haven’t been this sore since the last time I got laid.” Hmmmm. You’ve conjured up an amazing visual here which as you know is the clincher of good writing. As a gentleman, I will stop there.


  4. Ah. I’m just happy you came back, Mike!
    And in regards to my opening line, I guess that topic has just been on my mind a lot lately!


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