Bet you thought I didn’t make it to Day 3

I managed to head out to the gym late last night. I think it was fated because while on my way there, I saved a little doggie from running away from home and met my neighbors at the same time.

But I did mess up on lunch. Oh well. I sweat like a pig. Has to count for something. Ya know how I was going on and on about that gym being so cool before? Well the damn dry sauna doesn’t work. Lost points for that.

Jotting all this down kind of helps me out. Any skinny bitches out there want to lend some advice?! Aw. I don’t REALLY mean bitches.

4 responses to this post.

  1. I know you didn’t just call me bitch, bitch.


  2. Back at ya, man-whore.
    What? What?! Want somma this?

    *i just fell out of my chair*


  3. You fell out of your chair, baby-doll, because you got so scared.

    You know it’s true.

    How are your lats?


  4. Very sore. And in fact. I ain’t goin’ tonight. And what’s worse, to honor my commitment to myself, I have to blog it.


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