Suicide Note: Humor escaped me

I got tagged for an interesting meme.

Oddly I really wanted my suicide to sound witty but all I could muster was kind of a an empowered downer. And ironically being naturally long-winded, my death tale is short and bitter.

Hope it’s inspirational! Thanks Bagel.

Hope is for suckers…

My slow descent into hell wasn’t a silent one.
I know I was kicking and screaming as I went down.
I ranted.
I satisfied and entertained narcissistic behavior.
All the while I fell into the void of disbelief as I looked at the pathetic and dead world around me.
Not always the best daughter. Not always the best friend.
And my mediocre shell, though seemingly full of every bit of confidence I emitted, still wrestled with pushing the over-achievement I craved — was never patient for — and it all never being enough.
Is it ever enough?
And as you read this, whoever you may be, know that I hardly brushed the surface of all the answers I sought while schlepping this earth.

Death by tainted tuna

6 responses to this post.

  1. Wow
    That made me sad.
    You need to put the lolfeed cat on there, to lighten it up.

    Great work!
    I’ll be updating soon as Laurie does hers.


  2. Ah! Good idea. It is kind of depressing!
    Tough week.


  3. Wow
    Is the kitty trying to smother itself?
    Look at its tongue!


  4. See. There’s just no hope left. LOL cats are offing themselves.


  5. Wait Bagel. This kitty’s arm is bandaged too. He must have even tried using a blade and failed.


  6. Oh hell! It is!
    That’s too uncanny for random.


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