It’s OK Britney, there are lots of bad moms

 These just didn’t lose their kids…

 Granted. This mom is teaching this kid what NOT to do.

And the bonus is a kid who learned that song about fornication.

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  1. J,
    I know this isn’t the subject but thought you would want to read this,

    Additionally, as I write this, Isiah Thomas was convicted.


  2. The parents teaching their 14 year old daughter how to smoke and drink need to have their permit to raise children taken away. Oh, that’s right! We don’t need permission to procreate! Any dumbass can do it, as many times as they want.

    Very sad indeed. I hope they’re up to raising the grandchildren they’re likely to be saddled with in a couple of years – then they can just continue the cycle of dysfunction!


  3. AJ,

    I;’ma tough old broad. I’ve been a reporter for 25 years now..I’ve seen it all but to be honest, I found these videos tough to watch. I’ve never been a fan of Britney’s but it’s been tragic to watch her incredibly public unravelling.

    I don’t feel sorry for her. Can’t muster that, because I feel she made every choice she made. Granted, she was pushed in the direction of showbiz and never had a childhood and probably had stern parents who helps hammer the nail in her societal coffin, but she’s still accountable.

    If I were her, I’d relinquish my kids as the courts decree, don’t fight it. Let them go because I loved them enough to do so. Then, I’d take what money and dignity I have left and go far, far away for a very long time. Yep…time.

    That’s ALL the crazy bitch has in her favor right now. Youth accounts for only a small amount of the blame. The same with her upbringing.

    Yes, it’s true–she had a lousy upbringing. She had no control over much of that. That’s established, but she has had everything to do with the choices she’s made as a result.

    I wish her luck. She’ll need it.



  4. I don’t feel bad for her one bit, but It’s funny how parents just as bad (or worse) keep their kids. And she loses hers to K-Fed. That’s pretty f’ed up! She made her bed and is finally laying in it. Then woke up from it with no underwear. Then partied the night away after she heard she was losing her boys.


  5. BTW: Wow Mike. I don’t know how I feel about that article you sent. One moment I’m groaning at the racial implications and then I completely agree that the central issue isn’t always about race, however. I need to blog about that opinion piece separately. Thanks for sending.


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