I hear assistant living calling

I just had one of those moments I dread.

I’m guilty of a little short-term memory every now and then. We all are I suppose. But I just did something I’ve feared my whole life. I repeated myself. When I say repeat, I don’t mean verbally. I mean that I printed off an email. Put it in a folder. And then went to the copier 15 minutes later looking for it as if the prior actions never happened. I asked a co-worker who was leaving the printer if he saw it and he said no. So I printed it again only to file it back in the folder I had filed the earlier one already.

Hello geriatrics. Please save a bed for me.

3 responses to this post.

  1. Consider cutting back on that bong, swee-pea.


  2. AAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAH! Ok. Just once a week.


  3. I wouldn’t worry too much. Most people do it – usually when they’ve got something on the mind.
    Indeed, the more you are a thinker, the more you have such moments. I suppose I have them all the time, but I can’t remember.


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