very random…

Last night I dreamt about WordPress tags, blogging and the Chicago Bulls of all things.

Did you know that currently your tags are only being represented by two? So say if you wanted to post your stuff in Life, Random, Blogging and Thoughts, more than likely it will only be searchable in Blogging and Thoughts. The others will drop away unless someone randomly finds you while looking in the other categories. Either way, your blog will still be listed under only one other tag. Here’s what I mean.


I went into forums  about it, hoping this isn’t some new feature. I like checking out the other tags people list their stuff in because the basic ones can be so BORING. But I read that it’s being fixed in the next 24 hours. However I guess it bothered me so much, I had dreams of pages of pages of tags with one other option. How sad is that? Of all things I could be dreaming about…

Anyway as for the Chicago Bulls, I guess that could be because I talked trash about Isiah Thomas. But he’s with the Knicks. I was a huge Jordan fan. Maybe I was just going with a theme. Well, enjoy the remaining two hours before MAINTENANCE begins…





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