Dane Cook tries to sing

danecook.jpgI told ya’ll, this weekend stays really light. And I don’t mind admitting I watch VH1’s “Best Week Ever.” It’s even in my sidebar. It’s the only thing worth watching on that station. And I just nearly peed my shorts on this one so I had to share.

Not a fan of Dane Cook? You will be happy to know that he’s taken himself WAY too seriously and has released a new single called “Forward.” I didn’t know what was funnier. The song, or the fact the BWE turned it into a music video set to his stand up. Unfortuately BWE doesn’t have embeded codes so you will have to click this link to see it.

Even the cat is shocked.

Dane Cook Kitty

8 responses to this post.

  1. Sounds like whats his name from Husky and Starch, David Sole,Soul,Seoul, whatever that conceited display of vanity was back in the 70s. Right in there with William Shatner.


  2. I saw him live early in his career and he was funny as hell. Now, not so much.


  3. Hah! Husky and Starch. Stusky and Harch. Remember Buggie Hare micky?


  4. Oops. Sorry, that was a different show.


  5. Greg. Didn’t that song make you want to vomit?


  6. Make me want to? I did.
    I knew better but I opened that link anyway. Micky is right- it was just as finger-in-the-back-of-the-throat-worthy as the David Soul “song” from the seventies (or early eighties).
    Actors should stick to acting.


  7. Good Luck Chuck is so hilarious. I can’t believe how funny Dane Cook was in the movie and on air with Ryan Seacrest during an interview. Did you happen to catch it? If you didn’t you can hear it on this link http://www.kiisfm.com/cc-common/losangeles/podcast/onair.html


  8. […] stickers? That is what someone was looking for to get to my blog. Granted I posted about Dane here. If you are seeking a Dane Cook window sticker, contact me. I think I can take a wonderful picture […]


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