Want to get lucky?

Go to Birmingham, MI. You’ll find some lovin’ there.

Seriously, this is just a plug for Maps For Us. Sheer brilliance.

I need to come up with a great map.

UPDATED: Just for Chris, my dear wonderful reader. I’m giving this link to a map to an asshat neighbor’s house. Come on Chris! Isn’t it just a little fun? Just a little?


2 responses to this post.

  1. J – I must be very tired or slow…. I don’t get the point here….. Sorry!

    Let’s hope its just that I am tired.



  2. Ah Chris. You gotta love the Maps for Us concept!!!!! That site is really funny! Didn’t you just need to know how to find where to get lucky? Or all the bars in the Phillipines? Or the map to someone’s happiness or Atlantis? Come on Chris! Think of all the great places you can map your way around.


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