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Am I a lazy American?

I’ve stated here time and time again, even in comments, that I’m not right or left on the whole political stuff. But I do have some strong opinions that many may not agree with. My parents are democrats. But I can’t say that I am really. And I don’t always feel the need to vote a straight party ticket.

However does my not choosing a real politcal side on every topic make me a lazy American? It seems that there is a definite black or white when you turn on the television or pick up the newspaper. You don’t really read about the people who say that both sides have a point. I pose this question because political blogs I read religiously here are very definate in their mission. They are very sure on every topic and don’t waver. I read everyone’s blog even if I don’t agree.

However by sitting in the middle for the most part, does that make me ineffective?

Fact: I’m down with the whole green thing and I recycle like a maniac. But I’m not about to make my life more complicated by buying green, eating EVERYTHING green, wearing green and changing my energy provider to a company more green.

Fact: I’m just going to say it. Yes, I’m anti-Bush. But I have been long before he was the president. Way back when he shook my hand. I’m from Texas and he just gave me the creeps. Sorry. However, I can’t really say that I would never vote Republican.

Fact: I used to be dead against (pardon the pun) the death penalty. Now I say fry ’em. But will admit there are a lot of flaws in the legal system. Many have died and were never guilty.

Fact: I’m pro choice but can’t stand the idea of a woman CHOOSING to use abortion as birth control. Adoption is always a good option but so is birth control pills!

Fact: I am a black chick who supports gay rights and racial equality. But I am tired of movements and people wanting special treatment for being “different.” And why is skin color and sexual orientation a marker of being different? Who cares? I hate that people just can’t live. And I think the rules for everything — even marriage should apply to all of us. Let us just suffer together with all of the trappings of rules.

Fact: I’m not sure I support affirmative action. I want to be hired for how hot and smart I am instead. Hah.

Fact: I vote. Not just for the next president but for local stuff. But usually it’s just when the local stuff has to do with business or a new proposal for something that will create an increase of sale tax revenue for my city. However, I skipped the mayoral vote this year from disgust.

Fact: Welfare and the like can bite my ass. I’m tired of seeing my check dwindle for strangers. There I said it. However, I have seen people I would surely spill my wallet out for because I know they are trying.

Fact: I’ve decided that when retirement comes, I’m shedding my America and footing it to Panama. There isn’t going to be squat for me in America when I retire. Even though I’m paying for everyone else’s retirement now. And that makes me sick.

What makes an American lazy? Not having an opinon at all or not choosing one side to everything?