Can’t a girl just get a pedicure anymore?

A long time ago someone called me a JAP: Jewish American Princess, which I’m still wondering if this word is considered offensive. Anyway, I’m not Jewish. That is unless I’m related to Sammy Davis, Jr. I think the person felt as if I kept up an image conscious routine which is a nice way for me to just say “high maintenance.” I’m really not though. Really! I just like to take care of myself and many moons ago I used to do the whole thing: acrylic nails, pedicures, weekly eyebrow wax…

I’ve since been more frugal and practical by doing my own nails. They never were bad to begin with but acrylics were so much easier to take care of. The eyebrow stuff I still do but now I take things into my own hands more often so I don’t have to shell out the dough for someone to put me through that pain. But ah. Pedicures. This has been a hard one. First of all I would have never stopped pedicures if it wasn’t for the local news. Beware, this picture is gross.



You see because many local nail shops can’t seem to NOT be nasty, refuse to disinfect regularly and aren’t so great about keeping things up to health code standards, the above infection could happen to me — so I’ve told myself. And it just so happens that my FAVORITE shop was dinged for not being up to code so that stopped me in my tracks. Now I go on “recommendations.” My latest stop at a recommended nail salon proved to be an ironic fruitful failure. They did do their share of keeping up the code as far as using plastic lined basins instead of the spa chairs for pedicures — notorious for their breeding ground for infection.

However I couldn’t get past the other stuff: the floor looked kinda like it hadn’t been mopped in several days, the worn lazy boy chairs looked like someone’s grandmother’s house, they reused paraffin wax  and my manicure was less than “clean.” But the pedicure seemed kosher and my toes were somewhat happy. However they didn’t do as good of a job as my OLD place. So now it’s time for another one and as of late I just resort to doing it myself and ignore the recommendations. I am too afraid for what can result from going to a local spa for a pedicure on the fly. But damn I hate doing it myself.

You may bet thinking that this is all superficial. And some of you may say why should any of this matter to your readers who aren’t women? Well because we all know how you guys like a put together woman and with summer not quite yet over, I’m sure you would like to see more feet in good condition as oppose to this:

Did someone say pumice stone, please?!

Feet of Crafty McGee. Sorry girl but I gotta give you credit for the honesty.

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  1. I said this over on my own blog, but I just love your name. It’s awesome and unexpected. And thank you for coming by my blog.

    I’ve always been shy about my feet, so I’ve only had a professional pedicure once. Back before I had a child and cared about how my hands looked, I used to get a manicure down every couple of weeks, but gave up after my favorite place got shut down by the Health Dept. Now, I feel fortunate if my nails are all the same length, and the polish isn’t peeling off my toes. And it’s not superficial, not if it affects how you feel about yourself, right?


  2. Posted by loudmouthprotestant on Thursday, September 6, 2007 at 11:45 am

    And now I know why I do my own mani/pedis because at least I know where my products have been. Geez, that picture almost made me lose my lunch and I’m not even that weak-stomached. Another reason not to frequent the mani/pedi spots…Hepatitis C. Happy Trails!


  3. As a member of this industry that has been under such gruesome scrutiny as of late, its time to shed some light on salons and the way they operate. Under no circumstances should you go to a place that uses plastic liners! Why? What would you say if I told you why should a salon actually replace the liner, which costs them typically $0.75 cents, if they don’t even throw away a $0.10 cent file and re-use it on other customers when they should be thrown out AFTER each customer? Remember also, liners do and can leak, so by the rules and regulations (in California, per se)you must use a Hospital disinfectant (fungicidal, virucidal, and bactericidal) to disinfect the spa equipment (irregardless of the configuration of the equipment used to soak a clients’ feet, i.e. “pipe-less”, “piped”, “bucket” or “bowl”) AFTER every client. So… if the nail tech is not taking the required 10 minutes to let the disinfectant do its job, RUN to a place that does. Don’t be fooled by marketing gimmicks such as these “tub liners,” they are not endorsed by any state board and more importantly, you can get an infection. Unfortunately, if you go into a salon charging $10.00 for a pedicure I can almost surely say that this salon is not cleaning and disinfecting their equipment because the costs involved in this endeavour cannot be sustained by a salon charging a mere $10 bucks! Also, as Paula Abdul has testified to the legislature in California on her infection ordeal, even the high-end salons are caught up in this stink of not properly cleaning and disinfecting their salon equipment. What is the answer? Well, there are companies out there that have used technology to solve a part of this problem with an “automated” system that cleans and disinfects the spa chair after each client with a system that actually shows you, the client, and the nail tech that the chair has been properly cleaned and disinfected! Just by simply looking for the “green” light on the spa chairs’ panel, a customer can be assured that the nail tech actually went through the process of cleaning and disinfecting. If the light is “red”, the chair has not undergone the procedures and hence, don’t put your feet in it! The system is created by a company called AmeriSpa and its called the Bio-Smart System. Its the only interactive spa chair out there that I know of that can make the claim “the spa unit has been cleaned and disinfected and I can prove it with the green light.” Now, how about that taking the guess-work out of finding a pedicure salon that you can trust? Happy hunting!

    Ta ta-



  4. THANKS Pedi! That sheds much do light on the subject! But can you tell me…where in Texas can I find such places?! Nice take on the subject. I’m still gun shy though and will in fact do my own feet when I get home!


  5. loudmouthprotestant: exactly why i just won’t do it anymore…unless i can find one of these places pedi spoke of.


  6. I’m very glad to have found this post. I’ve always done my own feet, and lately I have been thinking I might treat myself to a nice relaxing pedicure. Having never had a pedicure I really hadn’t given much thought to the risks. The interactive chair, as described by Pedi-Cure sounds good, but I’m all too familiar with technology and know only too well it isn’t foolproof, so I think I’ll just keep on keeping my toes to myself.


  7. Ah Honjii! Here’s to DIY!!!!


  8. […] Because people hate feet for the most part unless you have a foot fetish. I choose not to go to salons anymore for a pedi and do it myself. You can read about it here. […]


  9. Posted by Ellie Russo on Saturday, November 8, 2008 at 6:41 pm

    I unfortunately was not educated about pedicures when I had mine done at Regal Nails, a chain salon inside of Walmart. I now have scars on my legs and parts of my body to remind me of my pedicure. Woman need to know what kinds of problems they can encounter inside of these spas. These technicians need to be educated on hygiene as well as sanitation, after all, the country they come from is not like the United States. Many salons do not fall under the Dept of Health either. They are under the cosmotology board, which does not inspect like the food industry does. So Woman beware. Take your own equiment, including tub liners that you can buy and bring to the salon. Check out Dr. Carolyn Siegals savvy nail kit. These liners can be bought separately too.


  10. I read your posts for quite a long time and should tell that your posts are always valuable to readers.


  11. Wow. we should really make sure we go to a trusted and reliable salon before getting our hands and feet done. Gosh!


  12. to the person who recommends NOT going to a place where they use liners…..are you crazy?!! That is the safest alternative! Not everyone uses the big money liners sold for specific bowls, my tech uses beautiful bowls she found at Lowe’s, and the liners she uses are clear garbage pail liners, probably about 5cents a bag. Well worth the investment and the peace of mind! She also keeps everyones files in their own envelope, yes, i pay a little bit more, but its soooo worth it!


  13. Jesus Christ theres a lot of spammy feedback on this page. Have you at any time believed about trying to get rid of them or putting in a extension?


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