SEX, please…

It is my favorite pastime when I’m not working or blogging…I can’t go one day without it…

OK. This blog isn’t about sex. What it IS about is testing an old, tired theory. SEX SELLS. The fifth most popular blog a few days ago was titled Talk Dirty To Me and boy did it ever. No comments but a lot of right hands were probably busy while reading the few entries there. It was kind of hot. Can’t find it there now for some reason. Hum …

I’ve noticed a few things in my short time on WordPress. If I tag stories with “cheating” or “affairs” I get a healthy amount of hits — let alone if I tagged it sex. Combine that with my “sexy” avatar (ahaha). I know many of you out there are pondering your peaks and valleys as am I.

Of course, however, I don’t necessary find myself terribly interesting anyway. But for the sake of argument, I posted this blog under those tags, plus sex along with my old standards: blogging, thoughts, world (he he), rants. Plus by titling this bogus blog with the word sex, I know people will get curious.

Someone has already done this test, right?


15 responses to this post.

  1. Views spiked already…
    See? People just love those three little letters…


  2. Actually, I’ve never thought of doing that. But I’m interested to see just what kind of results you get. This is funny.


  3. I’m being very amused by it myself…
    And I’m currently at my folks house where my dad said with a laugh after telling him about my experiment, “Hey, that makes people mad!”
    WTF? How would my dad know? He kills me.


  4. You should throw the word “spanking” in there and see what sort of mess you stir up. I talked about spanking children a month or more ago and I get at least a dozen or more hits when people search for anything related to spanking. I can’t imagine what sort of mess it would be if you tossed the word “sex” in there too. I was just talking about punishing kids!

    Anyway, you don’t give yourself enough credit. You’re actually quite interesting. You got my attention, and that’s hard to do since I’ve got attention deficit disorder on a cosmic scale! Even without the sex references, you’re still a very interesting read.

    But, as far as sex sells, you’re sooooo right. I see it every day. There are two farmers that sell veggies in the town where I work. One is an older guy in overalls and the other is a young blonde who wears bikini tops and tiny shorts. Every day they’re out there selling the same veggies, yet every day the girl has people lined up and the older guy has a customer or two. It’s sad, but business is business, right?


  5. Totaltransformation had a pretty good take on the Craig thing over at this place.

    As you’ll probably notice by the comments, these guys really pissed me off with the last sentence in the story headline.
    I called up a few of the boys to give them some heat, check it out.

    By the way, you’re going on my blog roll. I was wondering if you wouldnt mind doing the same ?

    Take care lady.


  6. Re: arclightzero
    Gee man, thanks. I’m glad some people like my rambles here. I appreciate it!
    Coming here is soothing for some reason…even in the most heated debates!

    Re: Micky
    Of course I will. And I’ll check out that link too.


  7. HA! You got me to look!


  8. Hahaha, Justen!
    You and like 100 others. This post keeps getting hits and is in the News Departments even! I’m telling you the power of such a small, somewhat silly word!


  9. I am not really interested in sex but just got curious on your blog,
    I even thought you really want to have sex!geeez
    Anyway,I might as well plagiarize your style to attract sex addicts lol!
    now I know how to get to news department!


  10. Posted by wizard666 on Monday, September 3, 2007 at 2:17 am

    i wanna only sex


  11. Posted by wizard666 on Monday, September 3, 2007 at 2:19 am

    i am mail . 22 year old. and love sex verry much.


  12. The USPS has been looking for you since 1985.


  13. Greg: You crack me up. Didn’t you know I was femail? Hahahahahah!
    I can’t stop laughing. Even as I type.


  14. BTW Loid: I’ve been in the News Departments and Hawt Post by real blogs too! Just for the record.

    UPDATE: This blog has created over 300 hits in less than 12 hours.


  15. At the link I gave you totaltransformation goes by ” John”


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