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SEX, please…

It is my favorite pastime when I’m not working or blogging…I can’t go one day without it…

OK. This blog isn’t about sex. What it IS about is testing an old, tired theory. SEX SELLS. The fifth most popular blog a few days ago was titled Talk Dirty To Me and boy did it ever. No comments but a lot of right hands were probably busy while reading the few entries there. It was kind of hot. Can’t find it there now for some reason. Hum …

I’ve noticed a few things in my short time on WordPress. If I tag stories with “cheating” or “affairs” I get a healthy amount of hits — let alone if I tagged it sex. Combine that with my “sexy” avatar (ahaha). I know many of you out there are pondering your peaks and valleys as am I.

Of course, however, I don’t necessary find myself terribly interesting anyway. But for the sake of argument, I posted this blog under those tags, plus sex along with my old standards: blogging, thoughts, world (he he), rants. Plus by titling this bogus blog with the word sex, I know people will get curious.

Someone has already done this test, right?


Avoiding work…

I’ve got a noon deadline on a freakin’ Labor Day holiday…And I don’t feel like writing what I have to. Instead it looks like I’m writing here where I shouldn’t be. I’m hoping if I mindlessly ramble right now I will be cleansed of my slacker behavior and actually get my work done. So here it is, my latest strange searches though I’m suspicious about the legitimacy of a few…Funny though because my spam has increased 100 percent since I’ve noticed these:

sexy avators 3
boss j1 1
virtual cyber online lover and relations 1

That one about “boss j1” looks like it’s a typo, but I was on the first page of that search and it just so happened that page has like three posts about my job. Hum. I feel violated. Must shower. In this list you will see the usual suspects and some weird ones:

Anthony Michael Hall 2
anthony michael hall 2
white guys afraid of interracial dating 2
taboo older move 1
cherry has it popped 1
sally gray + husband 2007 1
virtual marriage 1
push me up against the wall i dont care 1
road to happiness contest 1

That taboo crap brought up the most pedophiliac listings.  *shivers* And it looks like there is still some concern about white guys not digging black girls. Or maybe just some sistas out there checking things out. And call me daft but who the hell is Sally Gray? The way that person came upon my blog was the post I wrote last month about why I like old people. Go figure. And it appears that someone is concerned about whether or not their cherry has popped. Trust me whoever you are, if you have to Google it, you aren’t a virgin anymore. Ah … That may have did it.  OK work now.