When college honor goes too far.

Did anyone read the latest on the guy who literally lost his balls  to the fact that he was a UT supporter? Well, sure he kind of egged on that OU guy and he may have been ready to have a real fight about the whole UT shirt wearing thing but still. To rip out someone’s scrotum?!

My assistant is an OSU grad. She was the one who sent me the link today to this story. Being an OSU gal, she keeps up on all things university scandal in the big Okla. This has got to take the cake. The OU/UT thing is HUGE here. Fights break out every year. There is plenty of public intoxication. There is plenty of rough-housing. I think this is a first.

What’s worse (and you really need to read that link above and laugh at the visual on the right that was posted with the story!) is that the guy who “yanked” the jewels so to speak is a deacon! That’s right. A God-fearing Christian pulled another man’s balls off.

Why is college honor so damn important?! I went to a school with no real sports following. We were bad at b-ball, didn’t have a football team and our wheelchair team was really our all-stars (great chaps by the way and gorgeous). We had the regular frats and sororities. I chose not to pledge although both my parents were involved in them. I had no interest. College media was my “thing.”

My father has a brand on his arm honoring his frat and had some strange hazing crap he had to do while in college. However I don’t think the levels of love of one’s university fell into such extremes back then. No matter the ribbing, and compounded with the fact that he is supposed to be a peace-loving person, what on earth could have possibly been said or done to warrant a deacon performing a public maiming?!

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  1. Posted by Peter Hoppa on Friday, August 31, 2007 at 1:51 am

    … or the backup punter on the Northern Colorado football who was so obsessed w/ being the starter that he stabbed the starter in the leg.


    Back in the mid to late 70s when I was in college, it was ETOH abuse, drugs, and just about having fun; but very little violence. Of course, a decent GPA was of utmost importance to receive that coveted degree.


  2. Good god! It just makes me cringe.

    It is really dumb. I never understood pride to that level. I mean, to each their own, and if somebody feels like making a scene, you just roll with it and let it go. Is it really such a personal issue? I mean, these people act like their genetic structure has been changed to reflect their college or sports affiliations, and an insult against the school or team is a personal insult on a genetic level. It all seems very alien to me.

    Don’t get me wrong. I have pride. I have a big Navy tattoo up my leg, and we used to talk shit about the other services all the time (since the Navy is the best and we all knew it). But I don’t think anybody has ever been dis-balled for knocking the Army or Air Force… We would hackle the crap out them, and vice versa, but it never went beyond that…


  3. Another sad thing in regards to this violent act is that some people were calling into a local radio show saying that all the guy was doing was defending his school! Are you kidding?! He has several supporters of what he did.


  4. that is completely insane! sounds like he was using “school honor” as a cover for aggravated battery. exchanging good natured ribbing between rivals if fine but when it crossing the line into ripping another man’s scrotum off, something is wrong with that person.


  5. Can you imagine? 16 stitches later, I’m sure he won’t be wearing that shirt again.


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