It’s not a gay issue…

[Update: Here is a really good discussion at Hysterical Raisins.] 

I want to Sen. Craig to quit making “gay” the issue in his current hot-seat position. So what if he is or isn’t and maybe he needs to face his true self, eat his words and admit to his “ideals” being hateful. But what needs to be said is that the released audio  of his arrest (please ignore the fact that it is a FOX news link)  makes the Minnesota police system look kind of bad. The officer questioning him didn’t really seem like he had much to make stick. And this sounds more like a push into a “fake” confession. I mean this cop is going on and on about how “disappointed” he is in Craig. And how “embarrassing” it is for the cop personally and how he wants to be able to respect Craig. What? Where is he? In the corner of the room with his nose pressed against the wall in preschool? This is supposed to be an interrogation!?

Crap about hand placement, toilet paper and where was his ring??

I don’t really know if this anti-gay monster is guilty or not. But he’s guilty of folding when the evidence, if placed in front of a jury, just wouldn’t stick. Which pretty much means he either felt the heat or he actually was in the kitchen.

I support gay rights and I don’t feel sorry for this sad senator. But I do think this audio just supports the argument of being proved guilty before innocent and how the media massacred this guy before he had a chance.

Good riddance, however.

[Update on the update: Here’s a great quote from nonnie9999 at the above mentioned blog.]

i just heard the tape again, and craig clearly says he was picking up a piece of toilet paper (you know, the invisible tp that the officer couldn’t see). that makes the case against craig in my mind. unless there is a severe shortage of tp in minnesota, then why the hell is he picking it up from the floor? it made me think of that scene in seinfeld with elaine begging for one ply! not only did he say that he was picking up a piece of tp off a public toilet (ick!), but he was going into contortions to do so. he said that it was behind the toilet. sorry, but does anyone want to wipe his ass with tp that has been on a public restroom’s floor? to top it off, why did he need the tp in the first place? he didn’t flush before he left the restroom. if he is a fanatic of cleanliness, and that is what forced him to pick up the paper from the floor, then why didn’t he flush the toilet?

Yea, she has a good point there and EWWWWW!

Here is another viewpoint to consider at 2288 beckley rd.

Ok here is something funny for you. I can’t take credit for finding it. The Grand View had this posted in his blog first!

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  1. (I wrote this before reading your post but from the email you sent me)

    I don’t know. I’ve known people in this situation before and first off the cop (and the accused) knows the truth of the situation and know the accused is guilty.

    In this case the cop is just trying to get Senator Craig to admit it (which anyone as smart as the senator should never concede) and I think the policeman thought since the senator was so anxious to sweep the matter under the rug that maybe if they went over it again and again the senator would cave.

    The cop is acting like it isnt him, but the system, that has a problem with the Senator’s actions, trying to lull him into a comfortable place where we will spill his beans and then is disappointed when the Senator doesn’t comply.

    This is very typical in these kinds of situations.

    My problem is with the practice of entrapment. I can assure you that the Senator did what he has pleaded guilty to but I am also CERTAIN that he was encouraged and entrapped. I’ve seen it happen before and the tactic is the same around the country.

    Senator Craig talking about reaching over to pick up a piece of toilet paper off the floor that was not in his stall…. oh my God…. can you imagine?

    He knows the ritual, as did the cop, and he was caught…….. and although I do not approve of the entrapment practice, because instead of the just being a uniformed presence in the area which would discourage this activity as well as other illegal acts, the police department, and our government, specifically are targeting homosexuals.

    Maybe the should have a decoy policewoman dressed like an old woman walk down the street with a purse overflowing with money and see how many people try to steal her purse or maybe a woman in a short skirt and near-see through top blow kisses to the men as they walk into the men’s room. Lets se how many straight men are caught with their pants down.

    Senator Craig is guilty of being a bigot and practicing bad judgment and I really do hope he resigns because of this… but the practice of entrapment needs to stop.


  2. “Maybe the should have a decoy policewoman dressed like an old woman walk down the street with a purse overflowing with money and see how many people try to steal her purse or maybe a woman in a short skirt and near-see through top blow kisses to the men as they walk into the men’s room. Lets se how many straight men are caught with their pants down.”

    HAAAAAA! Can we somehow make this happen?! I think that would be good fodder for one of those PRIME TIME programs on CBS.
    Good points all around, Chris. I wonder what others will think about this being entrapment…


  3. well…all I can say is as a male survivor of sexual assault-who writes about the way the attacks on my body have change my life – and desires to educate the rest of the world that men are victims of sexual assault…I find the excuse the senator makes as lame-someone as well bred as he has to pick up toilet papwer off a rest room floor? Heck-I’m a poor boy and would never consider that…and further more,I’m petrified of public restrooms because of deviant behavior such as that which the senator was seeking.
    I was raped in a restroom located in a military barracks.
    I wrote in my blog about this mans actions and what damage they have done…another way to defeat trust-push folks who might come to believe in a system back into the corner where they feel safe.
    It is incredible to me that there was only one cop…no camera-which todays technology could have such a device that is activated by the policeman-after all,it is so these crimes take place in mens rooms-where is this officers back up? BUT…what in the world is this senator thinking by signing a guilty charge-saying this would just make it go away? Who does he think he is? Some guy who no one knows? Is he that stupid that he thinks the way he does…? that if he sticks his head in the hole as ordered he wont be seen? are there more like him there in Washington ( I think so-Mr.Foley could have easily ben found out in a mens room-after all,historically the mens room in Lafayette Park across from the White House is a site for ‘glory holes’)
    If I am innocent-what makes you think I am going to confess…especially for soliciting sex in a toilet,heck no…I’d be screaming and hollering all the way to the judge! No one confesses to being guilty just to walk free….how lame to expect the country to believe such garbage.
    Sorry…the man should have quit that day that moment because he is no longer a leader.


  4. @ Jay: Wow. That is an objective I’ve not read. And it really puts aspect of this case in a different light. Thanks for stopping by and making us think.


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