It had to be said…

 *Not the real dude by the way.

Why isn’t his 15 minutes up yet?

[Update:] I have taken a look at the Web site link on this YouTube video. And now something else has occurred to me. Who is this guy? I’m looking up HughNews and all I get is some Alabama rev with a newsletter. Then I look on YouTube and it’s an Aussie. I’m really behind I think on crap!

[Update on the update: It is in fact an Aussie with some “community channel,” which is basically just YouTube. Anyone else ever hear of it? Any Australians out there??]

4 responses to this post.

  1. His 15 minutes needs to be up, could not finish watching it but that’s just me.


  2. That’s why this guy cracked me up.


  3. Also Perez Hilton bothers me the most because he has made a career out of absolutely nothing…and usually what he posts is very been done before.


  4. Whats the attraction this country has for snotty queers ? And I mean “QUEERS”! Not your average mainstream gay guy, but rip roaring queens with boas and pink hair. Its so old already.
    When are we going to get over the spectacle of some guy who looks like a fucking clown and is supposedly the authority on the short comings of everyone else ?
    Give me a break please ! (girlfriend)


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