CHEEZBURGER! Give Lily a chance…

Maybe I’m just not clever enough. Or Ms. Tiger Lily just isn’t funny. But she never sees a day on the voting page. Sigh…

Tiger Lily

6 responses to this post.

  1. OMG I *heart* chz!

    wow, did I just type that?
    Yes I did! Whoo hooo!
    I accidently took an extra Zoloft every day this week and I’m so incredibly happy about it!
    Have you seen this?


  2. NO! I just emailed the guy and asked how he found the blog and did that page. A friend of yours maybe? I died laughing.


  3. HAHAHA!
    I did it.
    It’s a generator.
    Here, read this


  4. I mean I linked your feed to his generator. I’m not nearly clever enough to code it.


  5. Holy shit. That’s so funny to me for some reason. Why are the LOL cats so damn amusing to me?! Thanks for the laugh. I didn’t even know about such generators.


  6. Jesse and I actually met while helping chz. In a way, he is responsible for the birth of RationReality.

    My attorney says it’s never too early to start spreading the blame.


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