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CHEEZBURGER! Give Lily a chance…

Maybe I’m just not clever enough. Or Ms. Tiger Lily just isn’t funny. But she never sees a day on the voting page. Sigh…

Tiger Lily

When college honor goes too far.

Did anyone read the latest on the guy who literally lost his balls  to the fact that he was a UT supporter? Well, sure he kind of egged on that OU guy and he may have been ready to have a real fight about the whole UT shirt wearing thing but still. To rip out someone’s scrotum?!

My assistant is an OSU grad. She was the one who sent me the link today to this story. Being an OSU gal, she keeps up on all things university scandal in the big Okla. This has got to take the cake. The OU/UT thing is HUGE here. Fights break out every year. There is plenty of public intoxication. There is plenty of rough-housing. I think this is a first.

What’s worse (and you really need to read that link above and laugh at the visual on the right that was posted with the story!) is that the guy who “yanked” the jewels so to speak is a deacon! That’s right. A God-fearing Christian pulled another man’s balls off.

Why is college honor so damn important?! I went to a school with no real sports following. We were bad at b-ball, didn’t have a football team and our wheelchair team was really our all-stars (great chaps by the way and gorgeous). We had the regular frats and sororities. I chose not to pledge although both my parents were involved in them. I had no interest. College media was my “thing.”

My father has a brand on his arm honoring his frat and had some strange hazing crap he had to do while in college. However I don’t think the levels of love of one’s university fell into such extremes back then. No matter the ribbing, and compounded with the fact that he is supposed to be a peace-loving person, what on earth could have possibly been said or done to warrant a deacon performing a public maiming?!

It’s not a gay issue…

[Update: Here is a really good discussion at Hysterical Raisins.] 

I want to Sen. Craig to quit making “gay” the issue in his current hot-seat position. So what if he is or isn’t and maybe he needs to face his true self, eat his words and admit to his “ideals” being hateful. But what needs to be said is that the released audio  of his arrest (please ignore the fact that it is a FOX news link)  makes the Minnesota police system look kind of bad. The officer questioning him didn’t really seem like he had much to make stick. And this sounds more like a push into a “fake” confession. I mean this cop is going on and on about how “disappointed” he is in Craig. And how “embarrassing” it is for the cop personally and how he wants to be able to respect Craig. What? Where is he? In the corner of the room with his nose pressed against the wall in preschool? This is supposed to be an interrogation!?

Crap about hand placement, toilet paper and where was his ring??

I don’t really know if this anti-gay monster is guilty or not. But he’s guilty of folding when the evidence, if placed in front of a jury, just wouldn’t stick. Which pretty much means he either felt the heat or he actually was in the kitchen.

I support gay rights and I don’t feel sorry for this sad senator. But I do think this audio just supports the argument of being proved guilty before innocent and how the media massacred this guy before he had a chance.

Good riddance, however.

[Update on the update: Here’s a great quote from nonnie9999 at the above mentioned blog.]

i just heard the tape again, and craig clearly says he was picking up a piece of toilet paper (you know, the invisible tp that the officer couldn’t see). that makes the case against craig in my mind. unless there is a severe shortage of tp in minnesota, then why the hell is he picking it up from the floor? it made me think of that scene in seinfeld with elaine begging for one ply! not only did he say that he was picking up a piece of tp off a public toilet (ick!), but he was going into contortions to do so. he said that it was behind the toilet. sorry, but does anyone want to wipe his ass with tp that has been on a public restroom’s floor? to top it off, why did he need the tp in the first place? he didn’t flush before he left the restroom. if he is a fanatic of cleanliness, and that is what forced him to pick up the paper from the floor, then why didn’t he flush the toilet?

Yea, she has a good point there and EWWWWW!

Here is another viewpoint to consider at 2288 beckley rd.

Ok here is something funny for you. I can’t take credit for finding it. The Grand View had this posted in his blog first!

It had to be said…

 *Not the real dude by the way.

Why isn’t his 15 minutes up yet?

[Update:] I have taken a look at the Web site link on this YouTube video. And now something else has occurred to me. Who is this guy? I’m looking up HughNews and all I get is some Alabama rev with a newsletter. Then I look on YouTube and it’s an Aussie. I’m really behind I think on crap!

[Update on the update: It is in fact an Aussie with some “community channel,” which is basically just YouTube. Anyone else ever hear of it? Any Australians out there??]